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January 11, 2024

Builder Update: Infinity Homes (Jan 2024)

A new year means a fresh look at what’s left in Central Park’s North End neighborhood. Once the builders’ final lots are sold, that’s it, the Central Park neighborhood development will be complete!

Today we are going to focus on Infinity Properties and their remaining lots. These stunning upscale homes are carefully crafted and offer seamless style and livability. They are sophisticated and playful at the same time. If you haven’t considered an Infinity, you absolutely must check them out before they are all gone!

Infinity offers 3 Series in the North End, Alto, Vive and Luxe. Each with its own distinct flair, these homes can be designed to fit your lifestyle and needs. Below is information regarding each series and what is still available. If you’d like to meet, tour the lots and review all your options in detail, my contact info is at the end of this post. I would love to help you build your dream home!


The Alto series is Infinity’s three-story home series. These are the tall ones you see with those amazing third floor penthouses and decks!  They range in sf from about 2,400 – 3,800 sf, have 3-5 bedrooms, and relatively smaller lots. The likely all-in price range for these homes upon completion will range from the upper $1.1M to roughly $1.3M, depending on if you have a penthouse and the final interior selections.

There are 3 blocks of Alto homes remaining with only 7 lots left. One of those lots is the final Alto corner lot and the model home!

Here is the scoop right now on the Alto series:

Alto Pricing Information:

The new base pricing for the Alto series is now $929,900 (without penthouse). There are no lot premiums except corners which have an extra $25k for additional fencing/landscaping. The penthouse option adds roughly $75k to $90k depending on the plan/exterior of the home.

*There is only 1 remaining corner lot as of 1/10/24

A typical Alto with the penthouse selected will likely finish around $1.2M to $1.3M.

A typical Alto without the penthouse option selected will likely finish around $1.1M.

Map of Alto lots:

Alto “Dirt Start” Homes:

All the remaining Alto lots have been pre-planned for a specific plan, exterior and with or without the penthouse configuration. Outside of those parameters, buyers can still select interior options depending on where they are in the build process.  These homes are located at:

Block 17 (on Elmira Ct, just south of 63rd Pl & Elmira Ct)

Lot 21- 5A, no penthouse,Estimated Q4 delivery, Last remaining corner lot

Lot 18 – 5A, w/ Penthouse, Late May/early June completion, all selections finalized. Price: $1,133,340.00

Block 14 (on Galena St, just north of 62nd Ave)

Lot 23 – 4B, w/ Penthouse, Estimated Q4 delivery

Lot 22 – 5A, no penthouse, Estimated Q3 delivery

Block 30 (on Galena St, just south of 62nd Ave)

Lot 21 – 4B, w/ Penthouse, Estimated Q4 delivery

Lot 19 – 4B, w/ Penthouse, Late April/early May completion, all selections finalized. Price: $1,186,092.

The final Alto that will be available is the model! We’ll keep you updated on when that gets released for sale.


The Vive series  is Infinity’s mid-range collection in terms of size and the likely all-in prices. They range in sf from about 3,100 – 4,500 sf, have 4-7 bedrooms and sit on medium to large sized lots. Infinity is down to the final 4 Vive lots.

Here is the scoop right now on the Vive series:

Vive Pricing Information:

“Dirt starts” are priced in the high $1.3M range and the likely all-in prices after all selections are made for this series is now $1.5M – $1.7M.

Map of Vive lots:

Vive “Dirt Start” Homes:

Of the final 4 lots available, each lot has been pre-planned for the specific plan, exterior and certain structural options. Except for Lot 16, all other design options can still be selected for the remaining lots at this time.

Block 7 (west-facing on triangular park)

Lot 16 – 2A – Finished basement and service door. Estimated Delivery late March, early April. $1,635,956

Block 8 (east-facing on triangular park)

Lot 3 – 2D – Finished basement and service door, Q1 groundbreaking

Lot 4 – 1B – Finished basement and service door, Q1 groundbreaking  *LAST VIVE Plan 1 available!

Lot 5 – 2A – Finished basement and service door, Q1 groundbreaking

Block 8 is slated for groundbreaking in Q1 of 2024, putting those delivered homes at the end of Summer- Fall 2024.


Last, but certainly not least, is the Luxe series. Luxe is Infinity’s largest and most grand homes series in Central Park.  They range in sf from roughly 3,700 – 5,900 sf, offer 5-7 bedrooms and sit on large lots. 

The LUXE Series is officially SOLD OUT!

If the timing is not ideal for you, or you are not sure the Central Park Neighborhood is the right fit, I’ve got the inside scoop on where Infinity Properties is heading next! The Fusion Series is coming to Lyric at Ridgegate in Lone Tree! The Fusion Series will offer 3 different floorplans ranging from 3-5 bedrooms and a total of 3,171-3,869 sqft. Anticipated base pricing will range from $900’s-$1M.

Lyric is a new, vibrant, urban community that is seamlessly blending accessibility with planned commercial, retail and restaurants intertwined with housing and recreational space. It’s being nicknamed the “Central Park of South Metro Denver”. Our team has had the pleasure of working in this community since its launch in 2023, so please ask us questions or follow the South Denver Scoop for updates!

That wraps up our Infinity update! If you’d like help from our team at Focus Real Estate, please reach out! Helping buyers navigate the new build process is a big part of what we do.  My contact info is below, and I’m happy to help find the perfect home for your unique situation. 

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