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January 17, 2014

Anchor Center For Blind Children: "Seeing Life Differently"

How much do you know about the Anchor Center for Blind Children in Stapleton?  If you’re like me you’ve driven by it a million times and thought “that place looks really cool, I bet they have good things going on in there,” but you really had no idea what it was all about.   Well today I decided to check it out and learn more.  The brief post and video below with a local Stapleton family who takes their two young boys to Anchor will give you some insights…but there is nothing like stopping by yourself!  All are welcome.

When I called to see if I could interview Anchor for the Scoop they were very welcoming.  I asked to interview someone from the staff but they said I should talk to a family who uses their services.  (As they put it…”it’s all about the families!”)  So after getting a tour of the beautiful facility I got a chance to interview Joe and Shannon.  Their two young boys both have vision issues and they were happy to share their experience with Stapleton so others would learn about the good work being done every day down at the Anchor Center.  Check out Joe and Shannon’s video at the end of this post!  (Like any young boys…the kids are on the move non-stop  so you’ll see them pop in and out of the video a few times!)

I’ll keep my description of the Anchor Center short because if you really want to learn more I’ve put a link to their website below.   The school serves infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers who are visually impaired as well as their parents.  The goal is to provide the families with a nurturing environment where the children discover their own gifts and parents learn how to help their children.  I haven’t experienced anything like this as a parent but if I put myself in the shoes of the parents at this school I can imagine the fear and confusion you would feel.  Where do I get help?  How do I help my child to learn?  Will my child be “behind” because of their vision?  I can only imagine all the fearful thoughts that would go through my head in that scenario.  I can tell that the Anchor Center is a huge source of answers and relief for parents and a blessing for the kids who go there.  The learning is play-based and as I heard from the parents their kids are excited to come to school to “play”.

Wanna learn more about Anchor Center for Blind Children or even get involved?  Anchor is a privately funded not for profit organization so they would love your help!

Click on any of these  4 ways you can help to learn more!

1 –  Donate Money

2 – Volunteer Your Time

3 – Give Something on the Anchor “Wish List”

4 – Attend Events 

The Anchor Center is a wonderful place doing amazing things right here in our Stapleton community.  As I suspected when I drove by before, they really are doing good things in there.  Check out the video below and if you’re interested in learning more pop in and get a tour!

For more information check out the Anchor website or give them a call at (303) 377-9732.

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