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January 1, 2014

New Arrivals: Adam & Anne

Adam and Anne lived in a KB paired home in Stapleton but it was starting to feel a little tight.  They looked around and decided that Parkwood Homes was the best fit for their needs.  They wanted a larger house, more room to garden and a 4 car garage because they have several “toys” (boat, rock crawler, etc) that needed storage.

In order to make the move we had to sell their KB paired home.  Adam and Anne were great to work with.  They took our advice on pricing and staging and it paid off with a quick sale and a convenient lease back so they didn’t have to do a “double move”.

Parkwood Homes was very accommodating and they got everything they wanted including Stapleton’s only 4 car garage that I am aware of.  They have now moved in and they’re loving their new home in Conservatory Green.  Good thing they have more space because they just found out they’re having twins!


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