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March 18, 2019

99 Problems & Your Nanny Might Be One

If you have hired a nanny or babysitter, it is likely at some point you’ve hit a bump in the road. Hopefully the issue is something small that can be resolved easily, but what if it can’t? What if the problem keeps happening; do you know what to do? If your answer is no, then you are like most parents. Bringing up issues with a nanny or sitter can feel uncomfortable and might not go well if done incorrectly. In this blog, I’m going to give you a few ways you can communicate with your nanny or sitter to ensure teeny tiny problems don’t turn into something bigger!

  • Explain to your caregiver feedback is welcomed. This sounds so simple doesn’t it? You would be surprised how often nannies feel uncomfortable to voice their concerns to their employers. Ask your caretaker, how can support you? What do you need from us for you to be able to do your job efficiently, happily and safely? A nanny might request new toys that are more age appropriate, art supplies, museum passes, child safety products, etc. Making your caregiver a proactive part of your child’s life will greatly encourage communication. Urge your caretaker to voice their questions or concerns before problems arise.
  • Conduct a nanny review. We suggest a nanny review at least every 6 months, but they can be done at any time. This is a great opportunity to acknowledge all the wonderful things your caretaker does and talk about ways they can make improvements.
  • Utilizing a wish list or checklist. This is one of my most favorite resources we offer our clients! It is another super simple way to set expectations in a kind and effective way. Kiddie Up’s wish list is broken up into daily, weekly and monthly tasks. You can even make a checklist for your nanny to check off the tasks before they leave at the end of the day.

For example, you come home and immediately step on a Lego. OUCH! There are dishes in the sink, food on the highchair tray and books scattered around the couch. Perhaps you let it slide the first time but after happening multiped times, you’re ready for a change! Then you provide a checklist which includes all the daily tasks that need to be completed. Voila- mission completed!

Wish lists and check lists are also great ways to help your caretaker if they have any trouble with time management.

  • Bring in the professionals! Kiddie Up Nannies offers consulting services for all families. A consulting session is $40 per hour. We can come to you, meet at our office, or chat on the phone. We’re happy to get your nanny involved too! Often having a 3rd party can be helpful; we can work together to resolve the problem!

It’s important to keep in mind, problems will come up at some point if you hire a nanny or sitter. If the caretaker is not compromising the child’s safety or well-being, consider these suggestions and try to work through it. Fixing problems with your nanny or sitter is a lot easier than finding a new person! I hope these tools and suggestions give you the confidence you need to problem solve with your nanny or sitter.

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