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January 16, 2024

5 Tips for Navigating I-70 and Staying Safe on Denver Roads this Winter

Hey Front Range friends and snow enthusiasts! Winter has finally made its way to the mountains, fashionably late. As we anticipate improved mountain conditions, it’s essential to gear up for those journeys along I-70. Even for those of us who call the mountains home, these tips remain crucial. I’ve had my fair share of I-70 adventures, from being stuck between Frisco and Silverthorne for over an hour to navigating an avalanche between Copper and Frisco back in 2018. Here are some insights to ensure your winter drives are both safe and enjoyable:

Drive Smart and Stay informed on I-70:

Heading up to the mountains? Driving on I-70 during winter requires some extra caution. Check the weather forecast and road conditions before you hit the road on https://www.cotrip.org. CDOT is your best resource for real-time updates on road closures, accidents, and weather advisories. Give yourself plenty of time, drive at a safe speed, and maintain a reasonable following distance.

Winter-Ready Essentials:

Ensure your car is winter-ready with essentials like blankets, extra layers, and a stash of water and snacks. Have an emergency kit in your car with a flashlight, first aid supplies, and a small tool kit. In case of unexpected delays or emergencies, these basics can make a big difference.

Keep Your Tank Full:

Running out of gas on a snowy day is no one’s idea of fun. Keep your gas tank at least half full during winter to prevent fuel line freeze and ensure you have enough gas in case of delays.

Tire Check:

Proper tire maintenance is key in winter. Check your tire pressure regularly, and consider switching to snow tires for added traction. Also, make sure your spare tire is in good condition.

Winterize Your Driving Skills:

Practice safe winter driving habits—brake gently, accelerate slowly, and avoid sudden movements. If you find yourself skidding, steer in the direction you want to go.

As we plunge into the winter season, let’s seize the opportunity to stay safe and relish in the snowy wonders in store. If the I-70 corridor has worn out its welcome, perhaps it’s the perfect moment to consider investing in a mountain property. Wishing you some amazing pow days ahead!

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