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February 28, 2024

4 Tips for a Hair and Skin Refresh this Spring

With many of us craving a new beauty routine as we shift seasons, Dani Everson, owner of Clementine’s Salon and Skincare at Stanley Marketplace, has shared her top tips for transitioning your routine from winter hibernation to spring revitalization.

Four Essential Tips for a Hair and Skincare Refresh

  • Silken Your Strands: Treat your hair to a weekly mask session to combat the aftermath of winter’s icy grip. Say goodbye to dryness and hello to that oh-so-nourished hair feeling.
  • Double Down on Dermaplane: Glide into spring with a dermaplane session – the ultimate shortcut to a glowing complexion. It’s like a magic eraser for dullness and leaves your skin bright and glowy.
  • Lash Lift Love: Who needs mascara when you can wake up fluttering those lashes like a makeup pro? A lash lift is the secret sauce to looking effortlessly glam from the moment you rise and shine.
  • Radiant Rays: Infuse some warmth into your hair game because, let’s face it, spring vibes call for a sunny disposition. Whether it’s a subtle change or a bold transformation, let your hair be the beacon of brightness in your life.

As we start our spring cleaning, clean out those old makeup bags and vanity drawers, and reset your beauty routine with the expert tips from Dani Everson at Clementine’s Salon & Skincare. Drop by the salon next time you’re at Stanley Marketplace and say hi to Dani and her team, who can share more insights into their spring routines.  

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