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November 27, 2017

10 Reasons to try out Progress Coworking

We’ve just expanded Progress Coworking to 6,000 sf & we’re looking for new members to join the community.  We now have 30 members but we’ve got space for 60 so come try us out free for a month and see if we’re the right fit.

Here are the top 10 reasons you may want to come by and give us a try!

  1.  Our recent expansion is complete.

Cubby Desks

We’ve come a long way over the last 3 years and we’re proud of our latest version of the space. We now have open desks, a custom standing desk, semi-private nooks, shared offices for when you need a conference call, private offices & more!  New roof, furnace, AC, paint, barn door, 3 glass garage doors & much more!  I think we now have that cozy coffee shop feel that we were shooting for and we’d love to give you a tour.  Here are some pics of the newly renovated space!

  1.  Our pricing can’t be beat.

Custom Standing Desk

We have shared desk plans for $150 per month, dedicated desks for $250 per month and private offices for $400 per month.  If you’ve looked at coworking spaces before you’ll know that this pricing is significantly less expensive than other spaces.  All plans come with wifi, a separate backup wifi provider (we’ll keep you up and running!), Jubilee coffee, Stella beer on tap, filtered water, snacks, Mici’s Monday pizza day each month (thanks Mici’s!), and more!

Another great part about our pricing is you can cancel at any time, there are no contracts.  We understand our community members are small business owners and keeping things flexible is key.

  1.  Coworking helps you separate your work world from your home life.

Working from home was great for a while but if you’ve done it a while you’ll probably agree it gets boring and can be distracting.  I love that Progress is a few minutes from my Stapleton home so I can shift gears mentally as I go from one space to the other.  The 5 minute commute is just enough for me to mentally shift and I think it helps me be present, which is always a struggle.

  1.  You’ll get more done here.

When you come here you don’t have your laundry to fold, your kids distracting you or Amazon ringing your doorbell with a delivery.  You can grab a space that fits your needs for that day and get to work!  If you’re feeling a little social maybe you sit in an open space by some friends.  If you need to really zone in maybe you grab one of the shared offices, shut the door & put your head down.  It’s flexible, but you’ll get much more done here than you will at home or in a crowded coffee shop.  (I’m talking to you Starbucks and Logan House people…grab that coffee to go and come join us over here where the table space and outlets are abundant!)

Semi-Private Nooks

  1.  You’ll make some new friends.

College is over and you no longer play on those sports teams you used to…so making some new friends isn’t as easy as it used to be.  And if you’re working from home you may be talking to yourself more than you should.  (just guessing)  By joining us at Progress you’ll naturally make friends with your coworkers over time which is great. You’ll meet people from different industries working on all types of different projects.  We help you make those connections by having a free lunch once per month, free Mici’s pizza on another day, occasional happy hours and more.  No pressure to attend but the table is set if you’d like to get out and meet some new people.  Here are some of our current coworkers.

  1.  Discounts at Stanley Marketplace and More.

We’re pumped to announce that our coworkers now enjoy discounts at local places where they go anyway.  For example, coworkers get 10% off Logan House Coffee, Stanley Beer Hall, Comida, Mondo Market, Sazza Pizza & much more at Stanley Marketplace.  Given how much we all go to Stanley this is a huge perk and can help some members offset a significant part of their monthly membership.

Shared Desks

  1. We have a daycare option for you.

Want to come work at Progress but you have to watch your young kids?  No problem, we’ve partnered with Happy Ladybug Early Learning Center just down the street and they’re offering 10% off tuition for our members’ kids.  They have available slots on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the moment.  So maybe you could drop the kids there and crank out some focused work 2 days a week? Here is the Happy Ladybug website, but getting a tour is the only way to see how much owners Elvan and Umit care about the kids they serve.

  1.  You get to be part of the changing NW Aurora neighborhood.

Stapleton is great, it’s a wonderful place for us to raise our young family.  But because it’s master-planned sometimes it can feel a little too perfect.  (Truman show-ish)  So for me hanging out down in NW Aurora where it’s changing and growing organically is fun.  There are little businesses and projects popping up in the area thanks to Stanley Marketplace, the big catalyst of change in what was a really neglected area in the past.  It’s fun to be a small part of it. It’s not polished and it’s not perfect, but we love being part of the journey as the area develops.

  1.  We have conference rooms and meeting space.

Conference Room

Have a business where you need to meet with a few clients, a small team or even host an occasional workshop?  We have you covered now.  We have a conference room that would easily accommodate an 8 person meeting.  You can reserve it, shut the barn door and take care of business.  Or, if you need a larger space for a workshop or event we have about 1,800 sf of space that you could configure however you want.  All of these items are included with your membership, there are no add on fees.  We have one coworker hosting a toy drive gift wrapping party in the event space soon.  Another person is hosting a barre class here followed by a small holiday festival she’s hosting. Have an idea but need some space?  Where else can you get that for $150/month?

  1.  You can skip the traffic jam.

Bike Parking

No more getting stuck on I-70 next to that guy weaving in and out of traffic like a maniac.  Most of our coworkers live in Stapleton, Aurora or the Park Hill area and can get here within just a matter of minutes.  We have parking out back and even better we have plenty of places you can hang your bike inside.  So stop commuting and have more time for the important things in life.


So there you have it, the top 10 reasons you should come try us out at Progress Coworking!  For a tour you can reach co-owners Joe Phillips at (720) 299-1730 or Biff Brett at (317) 225-2021.

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