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January 12, 2023

What’s New with Infinity in 2023? Lots!

We have several exciting 2023 updates to share with you regarding Infinity homes in Central Park!  If you’ve daydreamed of purchasing an Infinity home but there weren’t a lot of options available or the price was too high when you looked last, read on.

In this post we’ll tell you about all the available Infinity “spec homes” (meaning homes that are under construction or even complete but not yet sold) as well as the “dirt starts” (meaning homes that are in the beginning of the process that you can customize) in Central Park for their Alto, Vive and Luxe series.

Before we jump into the weeds on each series, let’s quickly get you the two exciting updates I teased above.

First, Infinity has roughly 50 homes left to build in Central Park and you can select from any one of those lots right now!  That’s a big change from the last few years when they’d only have 1 or 2 homes available at a time.  Why is this good for you?  You have options and you can pick the plan, the lot you want and finishes that fit your taste/budget!  Looking for the dream home with everything selected?  They have that.  How about the dirt start where I can pick every detail myself? Got it.  How about one that isn’t as decked out and doesn’t have major upgrades so I can make it work with my budget? They have that too!

Second, Infinity has recognized the shift in the market due to the increase in interest rates.  Infinity revisited all of its pricing on their Central Park homes and adjusted downward on price where they saw it was needed to adjust to the market.  So far, they seem to have adjusted well because they are off to a really good start in 2023 even though it’s been just a few weeks. (They already sold 6 homes since the time I’ve been writing this post between late December to mid-January!)

There is a lot of detail in this post below!  If you are interested and want help navigating this information and the new build buying process I’m here to help.  I am paid by the builder at closing but represent your interests as your Buyer’s Agent throughout the process.  My contact information is at the bottom of this post.

Alto Series

The Alto series is Infinity’s three-story home series. These are the tall ones you see with those amazing third floor penthouses and decks!  They range in sf from about 2,400 – 3,800 sf, have 3-5 bedrooms, and relatively smaller lots. (for Infinity homes).  The likely all-in price range for these homes upon completion will range from the upper $900k’s to roughly $1.1M.

Here is the scoop right now on the Alto series:

Alto Pricing Information:

The new base pricing for the Alto series is now $849,900 (without penthouse).

There are no lot premiums except corners which have an extra $25k for additional fencing/landscaping.

Penthouse option adds roughly $75k to $90k depending on the plan/exterior of the home.

The typical Alto with the penthouse selected will likely finish around $1.050M to $1.1M.

The typical Alto without the penthouse option selected will likely finish in the upper $900s to low $1Ms.

Map of Alto lots:

Details on Available Alto Homes:

This is a bit of the nitty gritty detail on the available homes and lots.  It’s probably hard to digest by just seeing it on paper.  If you’d like to meet, tour the lots and review all your options in detail, my contact info is at the end of this post.

Alto “Spec” Homes:

There are 2 fully completed “spec” Alto homes. A spec home is home that’s under construction or complete, but not yet sold to a buyer.  Both of these two homes are the Plan 4 with the penthouse and unfinished basements.  Since they are complete there is no opportunity for buyers to make any selections, but the good news is they’re available for quick move in! They are both $1.1M.  These homes are located at:

  • 6362 Elmira Ct
  • 6358 Elmira Ct

Alto “Dirt Start” Homes:

There are 3 “dirt specs” on the rest of that block (Block 8), meaning Infinity has the permits in hand, but buyers can still select options until they begin construction.  These homes are located at:

  • 6356 Elmira Ct (4B)
  • 6354 Elmira Ct (4A)
  • 6352 Elmira Ct (4B)

There are 5 additional “dirt specs” (again meaning the buyer can make all selections) on the next block immediately south (Block 17):

  • 6346 Elmira Ct (Plan 5 without penthouse)
  • 6336 Elmira Ct (Plan 4 without penthouse)
  • 6326 Elmira Ct (Plan 4 with penthouse)
  • 6316 Elmira Ct (Plan 5 without penthouse)
  • 6306 Elmira Ct (Pan 4 with penthouse)

Lastly, there are 10 more “true dirt lots” on Galena Ct, meaning no selections have been picked out so the buyer can make them all!  

So as you can see, there are lots of options in the Alto series, from completed and ready to move in to dirt starts at the very beginning of the process.  

Vive Series

The Vive series  is Infinity’s mid-range collection in terms of size and the likely all-in prices. They range in sf from about 3,100 – 4,500 sf, have 4-7 bedrooms and sit on medium to large sized lots. 

Here is the scoop right now on the Vive series:

Vive Pricing Information:

“Dirt starts” (which is the base price essentially before selections are made) are priced in the low to mid 1.2M range and the likely all-in prices after all selections are made for this series is now $1.4M – $1.6M.

Map of Vive lots:

*Note: the map doesn’t have all the homes listed below on it.  If you’d like a tour of all lots my contact information is at the bottom!

Details on Available Vive Homes:

Vive “Spec” Homes:

There are 3 completely finished “spec” homes.  (4 if you count the Vive 1 model home that Infinity would sell but doesn’t have listed yet.  Reach out to me if you’d like additional details) These spec homes below aren’t on the map above but they are listed in the MLS or will be soon.  Here are the high-level details for those homes:

  • 10067 E 61st Ave (Vive 1, unfinished basement) – available for $1,399,900.
  • 10097 E 61st Ave (Vive 1, finished basement) – available for $1,459,000.
  • 9780 E 63rd Dr (Vive 2, finished basement) – available for $1,599,900.

Vive “Dirt Start” Homes:

Below are “dirt start” lots available where Infinity has submitted for permits.  While the plan/exterior/structural options cannot be selected or modified, various interior finishes can be chosen.

  • 10107 E 61st Ave (Vive 2D, unfinished basement) – Appliances have been ordered, but all other finishes can be selected.
  • 10137 E 61st Ave (Vive 1A, unfinished basement) – Appliances have been ordered, but all other finishes can be selected.
  • 10157 E 61st Ave (Vive 1B, finished basement) – All interior finishes can be selected.

There are also two blocks of dirt lots Infinity has available, blocks 7 and 10.  All lots on these blocks are larger than the typical 5,000 square foot Vive lot size. Buyers can make all the selections on these homes, other than which plan goes on which lot.  (That is designated already.)

Here is some information on those two blocks:

Block 7 – West-facing lots located directly on a triangular pocket park.  You can see a map of these lots on this block below.  As you can see on the Block 7 lot map, the corner lot, Lot 14, is among the largest lots Infinity has ever had in the Vive series.  (By the way, Lot 17 is already sold if you’re eying that one!) Check out this example of what a Vive 1 with 3-car garage on lot 14 would look like!  This is just a preliminary example, it is not a finalized plot plan.  You get the point though, the yard is going be special! I could see this being one of the next Infinity homes to sell.

Block 10 – North-facing lots on 63rd Dr with exposure to the wildlife refuge. You can see a map of the lots on this block below.

Luxe Series

Last, but certainly not least, is the Luxe series. Luxe is Infinity’s largest and most grand homes series in Central Park.  They range in sf from roughly 3,700 – 5,900 sf, offer 5-7 bedrooms and sit on large lots. 

Luxe Pricing Information:

Luxe base pricing start in the $1.6M range and the all-in likely end price will typically be in the $1.9M – just over $2.0M range.

Map of Luxe lots:

*Note: the map doesn’t have all the homes listed below on it.  If you’d like a tour of all lots my contact information is at the bottom!

Details on Available Luxe Homes:

Luxe “Spec” Homes: 

9864 E 63rd Dr: This home is a Luxe 2C with a bonus room and a finished basement (6BR/5.5BA).  This will be listed soon for $2,049,000.  This home is complete and ready for quick move in.

9870 E 63r Dr: This home will be a Luxe 2A with a bonus room and a finished basement.  This home has a completed foundation but is currently on hold.  At the moment, someone could purchase it and pick interior finishes.  It would also cut significant time off the build, as Infinity already has permits and a finished foundation in place.

Luxe “Dirt Start” Homes:

There are 4 “dirt start” lots available in the Luxe series. The available lots are lots 2 through 5 of Block 9 – lots range in size from 7,000 to 9,459 square feet.  All facing north toward the wildlife refuge.  You can see a map of those lots below:

There you have it, the scoop on what Infinity has available as we roll into 2023.  If you’d like help from our team at Focus Real Estate we’d love to help!  My contact info is below and I’m happy to help you dig in and find the perfect home for your unique situation.  Helping buyers navigate the new build process is a big part of what we do.  You can learn more about how a an experienced Buyer’s Agent can help with the new-build process and potentially save you money on the sale of your current home in this quick video.

Thanks for checking out the Scoop!  If you find value in these types of posts and want to be updated on news and events in the Central Park neighborhood on a regular basis don’t forget to sign up for the scoop!

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