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July 13, 2017

What a Nanny Wants

As summer is amongst us, the increase of the nanny population in Stapleton is at its highest. This means supply is low and demand is high! What can you do to ensure your nanny’s happiness? After all, a happy nanny is a happy family.

To understand exactly what nannies want, we polled Kiddie Up’s very own nannies! We had over 200 responses and we are excited to share!

As a nanny, where do you go to find a permanent job, summer job or occasional sitting position? (Nannies were allowed to vote for more than one category.)

77% said why Kiddie Up Nannies of course!
54% said by word of mouth; former employers, friends, neighbors, other nannies, etc.
31% said online sources such as care.com, sittercity.com, urbansitter.com
17% said other places, such as other agencies, Stapleton Sitters, or other social media groups.

When looking for a new position, what are you looking for? The top 5 requests in order are:

#1.  Welcoming, kind and personable family
#2.  Fostering a healthy employer/employee relationship
#3.  Clear, precise and direct communication
#4.  Hourly rate
#5.  Benefits such as paid time off, holiday pay, health insurance, etc.

Other requests include:

  • Commitment length
  • Start date
  • Families’ plan on withholding taxes or not

Things that are not as important to the nannies were:

  • Location
  • Number of children
  • Age of children

Are you comfortable doing light housework (IE child’s laundry, sweeping, vacuuming, cleaning up after meals, cleaning up after the days’ activities, stocking supplies, meal preparation, etc.)?

52% said yes, happy to help in any way.
25% said they are open to a few chores.
23% said they are willing to provide childcare only.

In general, have you felt appreciated by the families you work for?

45% said yes
42% said sometimes
13% said never

If the family does not need you (IE they go on vacation or do not need childcare), do you request to be compensated for that time?

62% said yes, absolutely, not negotiable.
38% said they are willing to be negotiable.

What describes why you are a nanny best?

62% said have a passion for being a positive role model and making an impact on a little one’s life.
21% said because I love children.
17% said because they are a natural caretaker.
0% said because of the money.

As an agency owner and a parent myself, some of these answers surprised me. Maybe they surprise you too. Five years ago, these answers would have been very different. With Denver’s rapid growth, there are just not enough nannies, daycare openings and school spots. Even more so in Stapleton! Therefore, it’s vital for families who plan on employing a nanny, to consider, what can I do to meet my nanny’s needs.

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