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May 20, 2016

This Week in Stapleton Real Estate

With 41 active Stapleton listings and weather in the 80’s it should be a busy weekend in real estate.  Below are the latest active, under contract and sold homes from this week in the neighborhood.

Click on any of the links below to see maps, pictures and details about all of these properties.

New Stapleton Listings This Week

There are 12 new listings that hit the Stapleton market this week.  If you are looking for a large home with a finished basement and plenty of room I’d check out 10102 E 29th Ave.  If you’re looking in the $300k’s and you want walkability I love the new listing at 3022 Fulton St.  It’s just steps from the new Eastbridge Town Center, it has mountain views and an open and spacious kitchen.

Under Contract Stapleton Homes This Week

There were 18 Stapleton homes that went under contract this week.  At that volume it shows we only have a couple of weeks worth of inventory on the market.  Many of the homes are under contract in just days, but sellers should be aware that a deal isn’t over till it’s over.  One common problem lately is appraisals have been coming in low on quite a few deals.  From what I read and experience I think about 1 in 4 appraisals is coming in low.  This is due to the fact that bidding wars have pushed home prices up and the appraisers don’t have the closed comparable sales they need to meet the price.  Once an appraisal comes in low it is up to the buyer and seller what will happen.  Lower the price?  Keep the price and the buyer brings more cash to closing?  Meet in the middle?  These are common negotiations these days and often times the buyer will include in their offer what they’re willing to do related to appraisal shortages.  This is just one of the unique things to watch out for in this seller’s market.

Sold Stapleton Homes This Week

There were 10 closed sale this week.

See All Stapleton Active Listings

There are now 41 total active listings in Stapleton which is up a bit.  Inventory has trended up slightly in the neighborhood in the past few months but that makes sense since it’s May and prime time for selling.  Most people list their homes in the Spring so I’d expect to see inventory tick up as these homes hit the market.

Resale Stapleton Buyer & Seller Needs

In addition to what you see on the market, we also have active buyer and seller needs I wanted to share with you.

Do you have a home you want to sell that could fit these Stapleton buyers…

$500k – $600k range, South of I-70, 3+ beds, close to 29th Ave town center preferred

$400k – $500k range, anywhere in Stapleton, detached single family homes only.

$300k – $350k range, anywhere in Stapleton, like the Thrive row homes.

Do you have interest in any of these up-coming listings…

$391k KB Paired home, 3 bed/3 bath, on a courtyard, coming around June 4th.

Considering building a new home in Stapleton?  If so we put together a free resource guide just for you!  Check it out here.

I’m always watching the Stapleton market for my clients anyway so why not share an update each Friday via Stapleton Scoop Facebook and Twitter for those who like to follow along?

Need a local  Stapleton real estate broker?  I’d love to chat and see if I can be of service!

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