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November 16, 2022

The Scoop on FLY Kickbox

FLY Kickbox is a boutique kickboxing studio located in the heart of the Stanley Marketplace (2501 Dallas St Aurora, CO 80010). They offer a variety of adult and youth classes for beginners to elite athletes. Even if you’ve never boxed before, you’re sure to have fun and get a great workout. Here are the adult class formats:

  • Signature Kickboxing – Designed for all levels, this high energy, music-driven kickboxing workout on the heavy bag combines cardio, technique development, stretching, and baseline rounds throughout the class utilizing the leaderboard, for a sweat-inducing, stress-reducing experience. (60 minutes)
  • TKO – Come get a new personal best on the leaderboard with this intense kickboxing class! (60 minutes)
  • Early Riser/Lunch Box – Short on time, big on energy? This highly efficient class is guaranteed to burn calories and leave you with an appetite for more. Get in. Get out. Get back to your day. (45 minutes)
  • Punch ’n Crunch – So you’re not a fighter, but you still want rock hard abs, come punch the bag and then drop and crunch for an intense core workout! (45 minutes)
  • Personal Training – One-on-one personal training focuses on functional movement, strength and balance, toning, pre and postnatal exercises, and sports conditioning. 

FLY Kickbox uses state-of-the-art technology that measures the force behind each punch and posts points on the studio monitors and the corresponding Impact Wrap app. This allows participants to track their workout, see their progress, and compete against themselves or others in class. Watch a quick video here.

There is a New Member Special in effect where you can buy 1 class and get 1 FREE. In addition to the new member special, FLY Kickbox offers unlimited memberships, 10 class/month memberships, 1/5/10 class packs, as well as access to live streaming online classes for those who prefer to workout at home. Personal training is available in single session or 10 session packages.

Find additional info on the website and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!!!

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