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April 7, 2014

Stapleton Resident Trevor Crow’s New Podcast: "The Colorado Entrepreneur Show"

If you’re like me you love listening to content while you jog, walk the dog or drive.  Sometimes music is great but other times I like to listen to something that’s gonna feed my brain or give me new ideas.  I’m excited to share with you today a podcast that was just started by Trevor Crow, a Stapleton resident and local attorney, called “The Colorado Entrepreneur Show”.  Trevor happens to be a friend so when I stumbled across his new podcast I told him I wanted to learn more and share it with the Stapleton community through a quick video.

The podcast is once a week and in it Trevor interviews local Colorado entrepreneurs, small business owners and solopreneurs to hear their stories and learn from their successes and failures.  I enjoy hearing the stories of others because I can typically find a few good “nuggets” of wisdom or ideas that I can apply to my own business.  I think it’s fortuitous that Trevor lives in Stapleton for two reasons; I think he’ll find a great audience for his podcast here and it’s such an entrepreneurial demographic I’m sure he can find some perfect guests to interview here as well.  So check out the video below with Trevor and then give his podcast a listen!  You can find the show at The Colorado Entrepreneur Show and you can reach Trevor at trevor@theCOEshow.com with any questions or if you have someone he should have as a guest on his show!

Joe Phillips | Synergy Real Estate Team | (720) 545-9003 | joe@synergyret.com

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