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September 11, 2017

Progress Coworking is Expanding!

Our little coworking space by Stapleton is expanding!  Over the last few years we’ve grown from just 2 of us to about 25 members.  I like to think it was our hard work & genius business plan but the truth is we’re next to Stanley Marketplace and that’s just a good place to be!  (Thanks Mark!)

Over the last few years on our coworking adventure we’ve learned a lot and we’re excited to be tripling our size by expanding into two adjoining buildings.  We’ll have 6,000 sf of space & room to grow!

Expansion Area

The plan was to get the renovation all done then update the market with some nice shiny photos but that doesn’t fit our mantra, “progress, not perfection”.  So we’re mid-stream on the renovation, as you can see in the photos, but we’re excited to tell you about the new space. Our goal is to make you aware of the space and we’re open to ideas if you need or want something particular in the new space.  Let’s chat and create something that works for you.

We’re kicking around the idea of using part of the new space for makers, artists, classes…more larger group type uses.  So if you have any ideas or you’ve been creating in your basement and you want to get out lets chat.

Expansion Area


Once the renovation is complete we’ll offer the following packages:

Shared desk – $150/mth (this means you can sit anywhere you want that’s open)

Dedicated desk – $250/mth (leave your computer(s) & stuff…no more lugging it around)

Private office – $400/mth (private & you can lock up your stuff)

Team office – $1,000/mth (larger office including your own door to the streetfront)

Current finished coworking space


No matter which membership you choose you get:

-24 hour access, 7 days a week


-Free soft drinks, Jubilee coffee, Stella beer on tap and filtered water

-Private conference room

-Small kitchen

-Phone booth rooms for conference calls, etc.

What types of people enjoy coworking?  We’re a great fit for people who have been working at home or at coffee shops.  They’re tired of the isolation of home or the busyness and noise of coffee shops.  We have programmers, small business owners, mortgage brokers, realtors, IT pros, software developers, a BBQ sauce company, a real estate development team, marketing pros, an app developer, remote corporate workers, a videographer and even a guy who owns a bus! (does anyone else know what Chris does?  He’s just the guy with the bus.)

So, is this the right place for you?  Not sure, you should come try us out free for a while though and let’s see if it’s a good fit.  There is never any commitment, it’s always month to month to keep it easy.  It’s not polished and it’s not high end…but it’s in a fun location right next to Stanley and Stapleton.  I love the community we’re building and the friends we’re making along the way.  We’re striving to create a fun place where people can come, get their work done and have a good time too.

Future private team office with storefront access

I love that at the office I get some interaction with other people but I also get a nice quiet environment where I can focus on my work.  I also enjoy that it’s right next to Stanley to meet people for coffee or lunch.  (Side note:  if you haven’t tried Rolling Smoke BBQ it’s my latest favorite!)  It’s also nice to have a short commute home to Stapleton.  I can ride my bike in 12 minutes or drive in about 5.  It gives me the brief chance I need to mentally shift from the work mode to home mode in my head and vice versa…while not getting out in that nasty Denver traffic.

More updates to come with those shiny new photos when the work is done!  But if you’re interested in a free tour my contact info is below. I’d love to meet up and show you around!  Here is the Progress Coworking website where you can learn more.

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