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August 27, 2019

News & Notes from “North End” (Painted Ladies model almost open!)

Hope you had a great summer!  I know we did.  It was a busy one, so our apologies on not getting you as many updates from Stapleton’s “North End” neighborhood as we would have liked. Just a reminder, be sure to visit HomesInNorthEnd.com to get these updates ASAP straight to your email.

The Focus team and I went out last week and checked in with a bunch of Stapleton’s North End builders to get you up to speed on what they have available.

The big news is many of the builders are starting to run out of lots in certain home series.  (for example, Parkwood is out of single family lots, Wonderland has run out of some town homes, KB is out of certain series, etc)

Based on our conversations with the new developer of Stapleton, Brookfield, it’s not likely that any new lots in the second half of North End will be delivered until some time in 2020.  So we at Focus expect that there will be an upcoming gap where builders won’t have lots to sell for a while. (but there are still some left now as you’ll see in our videos!)

So, if you’re interested in getting rolling on a new build fairly soon you’ll want to start taking action.

Our goal last week was to do as many Facebook Live videos as we could with Stapleton builders to update you on your options.  We’ll send those out to you over the coming month but in this update I wanted to highlight the “Painted Ladies” collection by Parkwood Homes.  This newer homes series to Stapleton draws off the famous “Painted Ladies” in San Francisco and they’re like nothing we’ve seen before in the neighborhood.

The model home for this new series is nearly complete!  You can check out a walk through of the model home in progress in this Facebook Live with Amy Atkinson from our team.  In the video she also mentions several of these homes that are under construction and available now.  (including some by the new pool!)

Once  you watch the video you can reach out and I’ll connect with you with Amy for more info.  You can also learn more about the Painted Ladies collection on the Parkwood website.

We’ll keep the updates coming!  If you want help with your specific Stapleton home search we’d love to chat and see if we can be of service. (Note:  If you don’t want to wait for the videos to be sent to you and you want to see more now just pop over to the Stapleton Scoop Facebook page)

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