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February 2, 2015

My 6 Goals For 2015

I wanted to take a minute to share my goals with you for 2015.  I’m not under the illusion that you particularly care about my goals, but I still thought it was worth sharing them for a few reasons.  First, they might spark some ideas of goals you may want to set.  Second, goals always help me grow and I hear “going public” with them can provide additional accountability to pull me through when I want to quit.

2015 Goals (and the “why” behind them):


1.  Read the bible every day.  Why?  Life is always better for me when I’m in the word daily.  (Resource to make it easy: The One Year Bible)

2.  Bible study with Emme & Tatum 3 times per week.  Why?  They are sponges at this young age and 150 + conversations about God in one year will be huge in establishing faith as a big part of their lives.


3.  Make coffee and lunch at home during the week rather than eating out.  Why?  Several reasons.  I am spending a ton of money eating out.  Not only a waste of money but it doesn’t help me heath wise either.  (Weekends and vacation excluded)


  4.  “Dialogue with my wife Mandi 2 times per week.  Why?  Easy to go through the busy, kid-filled life without talking to your spouse about anything meaningful.   (Not familiar with what “dialoguing” means …Resource:  Marriage Encounter Dialogue Explanation)

Career: 5. 

Work on Stapleton Scoop 3 hours per workday:    Why?  Blogging, which for me involves exploring Stapleton and sharing what I learn, has been fun and has had a huge impact on my business.  It’s a win-win and I’m excited to see what happens when I put in more effort on a daily basis.


6.  Exercise a minimum of 30 minutes every day.  Why?  I feel better, think clearer & sleep more soundly when I work out.  Some people will say 7 days a week is unrealistic (my dad already said it was too much) and I think negative feedback about my goals is more helpful than positive feedback.  (fuel for the fire!) So those are my goals.

Don’t take this post as “look at these things I’m doing”, these aren’t areas I’ve done well in but I’m hoping to improve. So what are yours?  I’d love to hear about them via email at joe@synergyret.com.  If you’re having trouble thinking of what goals to go for maybe consider reading this blog post about Zig Ziglar’s “Wheel of Life”.  It will help you think about which areas of your life you may want to work on.

Joe Phillips | Synergy Real Estate Team |  (720) 299-1730 | joe@synergyret.com

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