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September 22, 2017

ISO: A Family to Share a Nanny

As Stapleton continues to grow, daycares and nannies are becoming more and more limited, forcing parents to look into other options. One of the most popular childcare alternatives is joining a nanny share. Nanny shares are beneficial not only because it reduces the cost but also offers social interaction for your little one. (To read more about nanny shares and how they work, check out Kiddie Up’s blog, “Teach your kid to share, even their nanny?!?” )

If you’re interested in a nanny share, the first step is to find the perfect family to share with. Finding the other family is the hardest part of the nanny share process. And, the exact reason why Kiddie Up launched their Nanny Share Social!

In the spring of 2013, Kiddie Up held their monthly Find-A-Nanny 101 workshop. Shortly after the class, we received two calls from two different moms. The first mom, we’ll call her Sharon, left a voicemail asking if it would be possible to share another mom’s contact information. We’ll call the other mom Diana. Sharon explained that she regretted not exchanging contact information with Diana. Based on their conversation, Sharon thought Diana could be a great potential family to share with! The very next voicemail we received, ironically, was from Diana. Diana asked if it was possible to get the phone number of another family who attended the workshop. As you might have already guessed, Diana was requesting Sharon’s phone number.

It was at this very moment, we realized we might be on to something. Parents were struggling to meet other parents looking for a nanny share. Of course, parents meet other parents all the time; but, not necessarily parents looking for a nanny share. The Nanny Share Social is dedicated to parents looking for another family to share a nanny with. It is held directly after the Find-A-Nanny 101 workshop every month.  Although it feels very much like speed dating, there is no pressure to tell other families you are, or are not interested in them. You can wink from across the room, slip them a note, chase them to their car, or simply get their contact info when Kiddie Up shares it after the class.

The Nanny Share Social offers parents the opportunity to meet one another in person. They can hear what other families are looking for and decide if they might make a good match. We encourage families to share as much as they’re willing to during the social. We suggest mentioning the hours and days needed, age of the child(ren), if they have pets in the home, what part of town they’re located in, and a few things they’re looking for in a nanny.

Since our first Nanny Share Social in April of 2013, and many success stories later, over 400 families have met other parents looking for a nanny share. We are honored to be a part of these matches. Unfortunately, we can’t take all the credit, as it was the families who did the hard work. Kiddie Up Nannies will continue to host the Nanny Share Socials and use our matchmaking skills only for the better good!

If you are interested in attending a Kiddie Up workshop, Find-A-Nanny 101, Nanny Share Social, or both, please check out our events page for upcoming dates and times!


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