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August 21, 2013

Infinity Home Collection In Stapleton

Infinity Home Collection has been selling homes at an incredible pace in Stapleton!   Their model homes for the “Vue” series and the “Haus” series are open and ready for you to tour. (They are spectacular, even if you aren’t looking to buy one if you like modern design you’ll enjoy touring these models)

Check out the rest of this post for more information about pricing, floor plans, video tours and more!  Whether you decide to buy Infinity or not I’m available to help you find the right Stapleton home.   I’d love to serve you as your real estate broker, my cell is (720) 299-1730 or I can be reached at joe@synergyret.com.

As I mentioned above, the two series are called “Vue” and “Haus”.  The collections will be similar to what Infinity has already built in Stapleton in terms of their modern style as well as their relatively large floor plans and lot sizes compared to other Stapleton builders.

vue stapletonThe Vue series is kind of like an updated version of their “Lime” series (for those of you keeping track). They built Lime in Stapleton neighborhoods such as Central Park West and Bluff Lake.  It’s their less expensive series with less sf.  (That’s in relation to their other series- don’t think that these homes are inexpensive or small!).

There are 3 Vue models with two different elevations for each plan, the Town Vue and the Metro Vue.   Both elevations have tons of windows so the homes will be flooded with natural light.  They range in square footage from 2,591 – 2,971 sf (not including the basement which can be finished).  The lot sizes typically range from 4,500 sf – 5,730 sf so if you want a bigger lot Infinity maybe a good option for you.  (Note: they now have some lots around 10,000 sf known as “urban estate” lots!)

The homes start in the $600k’s.  Keep in mind, these are “base prices” so don’t forget that the price will go up based on the lot premium and the upgrades you choose to make on the home.  (Not sure how buying and building a new home in Stapleton works…click here to check out a video series I shot based on my experience building a new home for our family).  The likely end prices are more likely to be high $600k’s/mid $700k’s.

I studied the three floor plans and wanted to point out a few things.  First, Plan 2 has a huge great room for those that enjoy a very open kitchen/dining/living/outdoor space layout.  Plan 3 has an optional theater in the basement which sounds amazing for those who are into movies or sports.  Several of the plans have options for 3 car garages and optional basement finishes including rec rooms with wet bars.  To see floor plans and our Pinterest featuring their model homes click here.

haus stapletonThe Haus series is similar to the “Pure” series if you are familiar with that series they built in Stapleton neighborhoods such as Central Park West in that it’s their more expensive series but it’s also built on larger lots and has more square footage.  These homes are amazing, if you love the modern style and if you want a large home in Stapleton that you can customize this is your collection.

There are 3 Haus floor plans with 3 different elevation options for each plan, the Farm Haus, the Lake Haus and the Prairie Haus.  I love all three but if I had to pick one I think the Farm Haus elevations are my personal favorite.   They range in square footage from 3,230 – 4,157 sf.  They can come with 3-7 bedrooms depending on the floor plan, so if you’re looking for lots of room this is it!  The lot sizes range from 6,300 sf – 7,400 which is a great feature.

The homes range in base price from the low to high $700k’s.  As I mentioned previously, these are “base prices” so don’t forget that the price will go up based on the lot premium and the upgrades you choose to make on the home.   Likely end prices would in the $850k – $1MM range depending on your upgrades and basement finish.

After looking at the floor plans of all three there is a lot to like about these homes.  The 3 car garage is nice, there are options for multiple outdoor spaces, and there are often open lofts upstairs that look down onto the great rooms on the main level which I think is interesting.  Click here to study the Haus floor plans and see our Pinterest board.

If I can provide you with more information about Infinity, any of the other home builders or the resale market in Stapleton don’t hesitate to ask.  I’m not affiliated with any one builder so I’m free to help buyers find the home that best fits their needs.  Whether you use me or another knowledgeable local agent I think it’s a good idea to have a Realtor on your side to watch out for your best interests and help you navigate the process.

Wanna learn more about Infinity as a company?  Here is their website.

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