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March 22, 2016

From U2 to Custom Cakes

Michelle Hadden Weekly spent 22 years jett-setting around the world as an entertainment publicist for artists Willie Nelson, Dave Matthews and U2 to name a few. But happy memories from her childhood, a marriage and a desire to spend more time with her family led her to pursue a drastically different career path.

“I’ve loved to bake my whole life,” Michelle says. “The passion for baking was something that I shared with my Grandmother. Her kitchen was a sanctuary and the place where all of life’s important lessons were explained. She was everything to me and when she passed away a few years ago, I really began to seriously consider starting that baking business that she and I talked about so many times. So when I explained to my amazing husband that I wanted to do this, for me and as a way to feel closer to her, he looked at me and without hesitation said, ‘do it!’”

Michelle started out by making tasty treats for family and friends but outside demand eventually took over. In April 2012, her boutique bakery, French for Sugar, became a full time venture.

Michelle is primarily focused on creating scratch baked cakes, cupcakes and cake pops that are beautifully designed. She offers 22 cake flavors including mouth-watering caramel cappuccino, strawberry milkshake and lemon poppy seed.

“My goal is quality over quantity,” she says. “I want to do more than sell you a cupcake. I want to exceed expectations.”

While her husband and daughter pitch in as much as they can, almost all the baking and decorating is handled by Michelle. She has a flair for the creative and can pretty much handle any design request she receives – even requests with – ahem — an anatomical nature. (Think bachelorette party.)

“My mom was also a baker and a professional cake decorator. She taught me lots of techniques,” she says. “I also read a ton of books, took a lot of classes and seminars – just gorging myself on information.”

Her favorite projects to work on are baby showers and weddings. For her wedding cakes, she makes them the day before the wedding to ensure her cake is not only gorgeously decorated but also tastes fresh.

“I want my customers to be happy and to have that wow factor,” she says. “I want them to feel like their cake was money well spent and that they were proud to serve it to their guests.”

Her headquarters are in her Stapleton home, but she works out of three commercial kitchens right now. As the edible pot industry grows, securing commercial kitchen space is becoming more difficult so she’s planning to open her own location in the Congress Park area later this fall.

In addition to having a commercial kitchen to call her own, Michelle’s location will include an elegant event space for 30-50 people that can be rented out for bridal showers, baby showers or even formal dinners.

“I envision it to be a beautiful space with chandeliers, custom cabinetry, luxury finishes and just a general upscale look and feel. We want you to have the full experience,” she says.

To see the full flavor menu, pricing and how to contact Michelle, visit frenchforsugar.com.

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