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August 12, 2019

Can you Help with Back-to-School Gear for the “Street Frat” Young Men?

Hey Stapleton friends, we have a little back to school favor to ask of you. If you have 2 minutes to read this and see if you can help us out we’d appreciate it!

It’s been a great summer. Tons of fun activities and trips with the family and lots of memories made for the kids. Thinking back through it all it’s really amazing how much many of us and our kids get to see and do.

Like you, we’re just starting to shift gears and prepare for school starting soon. So “get school supplies” is on the to do list for us as I’m sure it is for you. That’s where the favor comes in.

As we’re preparing to get our kids back to school stuff it came to our attention that the young men down at “Street Frat”, a non-profit on East Colfax that provides a safe environment & meals for young men who are refugees, is in need of some back to school gear. The roughly 40 young men who go there for a safe after school environment and 4+ dinners a week come from families that are typically just getting by. They don’t have money to afford some of the basics most kids and parents in Stapleton aren’t going to think twice about. That’s where I think we can step in as a community and easily help them out! We’re coming off such a great summer this just seemed like a way to give back and help someone else.

So the favor we’re asking is can you help us get together the following items on the list below so these young men can head back to school soon with some clean clothes, a nice new pair of shoes and the supplies they need?

Maybe as you head out to do your back to school shopping at Target or Wal-mart you can just toss a few of these items below in your cart? (And if you’re trying to teach your kids the value in sharing and thinking of others this is a great time for that conversation. Maybe the kids could help you find these items? Maybe tell them what you’re doing and why. Just an idea.)

Here is the list of the things their Executive Director Yoal said they could use the most:

  • Socks (size 6-12 would be good)
  • White T-shirts (medium and large mostly)
  • Boxers or boxer briefs (medium and large)
  • Notebooks/pencils/pens/folders
  • Tennis shoes (sizes 7-11)

Can you commit to donating one (or a few!) of the above items below in the comments and maybe share this post with some friends who you think may help?

We want to keep this really easy for you so if you can get any of these items just send an email to me (Joe Phillips) at joe@focus-realtors.com or text me at (720) 299-1730. We’ll have you put the items on your porch and we’ll pop by and get them. (Stapleton and nearby areas only for time sake) You can also make a donation if you don’t have time and we’ll go shopping to get what’s needed once we see what the community donates. We can donate via paypal (yes I still have paypal), venmo (this will force me to get venmo. I’m still upset all you cool kids changed to venmo forcing me to get a new app but I’ll leave that rant alone here), check, cash, whatever you prefer. (just email or text and we’ll figure it out).

We’re going to deliver the items to Street Frat this Thursday 8/15 around 6pm. If you (and your kids if you have kids that want to help) want to help us with the delivery and distribution that evening we’d love that too! Just let me know if you plan to go and we’ll see you there.

Street Frat is located just 5 minutes from Stapleton at 8720 E Colfax Ave and here is their website so you can check out their mission and who they serve. (Side note: If you’re drawn to serve them in some way they’d love the help and I can connect you with Yoal to discuss options.)

Thanks for your help in supporting these young men. We’re a blessed community and I know we can easliy make a big difference for these guys if we chip in a little.

(Last note: Street Frat is a 501c3 non-profit, so if you want to make a significant contribution to them directly (to receive tax benefits) we can arrange that. For the smaller donations and items requested above I won’t be providing any tax deductible donation paperwork. Just not enough time to do that so I wanted to mention it up-front.)

Thanks in advance for your help!

Photo Credit: Street Fraternity website


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