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November 22, 2022

Breckenridge Restaurant Guide

There are so many restaurants to choose from in Breckenridge. Most consist of chicken fingers and fries, not to say that isn’t great after a day of skiing but check out some of my choices for great bites next time you’re in Breckenridge.  

Best Breakfast: Cool River Coffee House

Grab a burrito to go or stay and enjoy one of the amazing pastries. Cool river is also known for having a fantastic gluten-free and vegan selection.

Image credit: Cool River Coffee House Facebook

Best Pizza: Breckenridge Ale House

Come get the largest piece of pizza you’ve ever seen! Ale house is thin crust, jersey style pizza hot out of the pizza oven.

Best Italian: Radicato

Rooted in Italian cuisine, Radicato serves family style traditional Italian with handmade pasta, encouraging sharing food and conversations with friends and family.  

Best Fine Dining: Rootstalk

Rootstalk is a new-American restaurant serving approachable seasonal food. Voted by locals, Best Restaurant in Summit County!

Best Family Friendly: Downstairs at Eric’s

Take the whole family to Eric’s to play arcade games and enjoy their famous baked wings!

Best Asian Food: Peak of Asia

Peak of Asia has the best selection of Pho from traditional Vietnamese chicken and seafood, it’s the best spot to warm up in the winter.

Image Credit: https://peakofasia.com/

Best Sushi: Mountain Flying Fish

By Far, the best sushi in town. Mountain Flying fish has great connections when sourcing their fish from around the world. There is always a huge selection of fresh fish, especially being in a land locked state.

Best Winery: Carboy Winery

Stop in for a glass of wine…or two…or three. Carboy Winery is one of the few that are changing the beer state to a wine state! Their appetizers are amazing as well.

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