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March 24, 2020

An Easy Way to Help our Local Hospital Workers!

With so many people in need lately it’s tough to figure out where to help.  Well good news, we have an easy and safe way you can help our local hospital workers we want to share with you!  These people are truly are on the front line of this battle and we’ve been wanting to find a way to show them some love.

This isn’t our idea, at the Scoop we’re just helping to spread the word.  My neighbor Kevin organized this cause and we want to jump on board for several reasons.  It supports our overworked hospital employees, it shows them how much we care about them and it also indirectly supports our local restaurant industry. (which is a great bonus!) Check out the info below provided by Kevin and then jump into the Go Fund Me link here or at the end of the post to make your donation!  Anything helps and with the resources of this community I’m confident we can hit the $20k goal quickly.  Spread the word!

“Hospital workers in ICU’s and ER’s are on the front line of this fight against COVID-19. They risk their personal health in order to protect us–their neighbors and friends. These folks are often self-isolating from their spouses and children at home in case they have contracted the virus and are asymptomatic.

Most of us have been asked to help through self-isolation, but would like to do something to help those on the front lines. We don’t have the means or materials to make protective masks or research anti-viral medicines. What we can do is show these brave people a small token of financial support along with messages about how much we appreciate what they are doing for all of us.

So what are we doing? Pretty simple plan.

1.  Work with a local hospital to find out how many are staffing their ICU and ER departments on each shift.

2.  Deliver $40 Grubhub gift cards one evening next week (this is highly preferable for hospitals vs. trying to deliver meals or takeout food directly). Every $40’s you donate will feed one nurse/doc/therapist and some of their family.

3.  (Optional but encouraged!) Finally, let’s do more than enter our credit card number for these folks. Please create video messages and pictures expressing our gratitude for these people.

With this, these heroes will be able to go home, have a convenient quality meal delivered to their house and perhaps a moment of peace knowing their neighbors care for them. Bonus points that we will also be supporting local restaurants and their employees through these tough times.

Please take a video or picture of yourself or your family thanking those that are working hard and risking their health to keep this pandemic at bay.  You could create a pice of artwork and scan it in or send a photo.  Record an inspirational video with a story or simply a heartfelt thank you message. Be silly, be grateful, be scared – just be authentic and your gestures will brighten their day, trust us!

Please add your videos or pictures to any/all of the following: cheersandchow@gmail.com (as an attachment), Facebook Page ,  or Instagram hashtag #denverhospitalheroes. Each recipient will get a link to these messages – so let’s make them fun and heartfelt and include maybe even make it a project in homeschool tomorrow!

First planned hospital: Univ. of Colorado at Anschutz. Next planned would be Rose or Denver Health

Relevant links:
CNN story
Personal story from NYC MD

Please reach out to us if you’d like to copy/paste what we’re doing for your local hospital. Thank you and God bless! ”

Go Fund Me – Cheers & Chow For Our Front Line Heroes

Thanks for supporting this cause and Kevin thanks for organizing.

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