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April 28, 2015

10 Reasons to Love the Bluff Lake Neighborhood of Stapleton

Bluff Lake is the easternmost part of the Stapleton neighborhood.  In the past, it seemed like it was a little far out there and maybe a little removed from much of what Stapleton has to offer.  That is quickly changing though and here are 10 examples of why Bluff Lake will soon be right in the heart of the action.

10 Reasons to Love Bluff Lake:

1.  Bluff Lake is a short walk or bike ride to the future EastBridge town center.  This project, although it’s had its hiccups in the planning process, will provide a new King Soopers, several awesome local restaurants (Los Chingones, The Kitchen Next Door, maybe Little Man Ice Cream, etc), a gas station and some other small shops to the area.  King Soopers is moving their gas station to the north so it is next to Williams Dentistry rather than the south corner by car wash.  Evergreen Development is doing the shops, check out the plans.

2.  The Stanley Marketplace is just a 5 minute walk from Bluff Lake via bike or car.  This marketplace, which is under construction now, will provide all the “mom and pop” local shops you could possibly want.  With 7 restaurants, yoga, fitness center, massage parlor, barber, event center, coffee shop, wine shop and more this will be the place you’ll want to take your friends and family when they come to visit!  Here is an update on the progress of Stanley Marketplace and their tenants.

3.  There is a light rail station being completed on Fitzsimmons Parkway just North of the golf course on Peoria. This will be walking distance or a very short bike ride away from Bluff Lake.  Hop on and head up to the airport without any hassles!

4.  Bluff Lake was designed with future Martin Luther King Blvd expansion in mind. MLK will extend to the east and connect directly to Peoria eventually.  This will likely bring more commercial development to this area which will be very accessible from Bluff Lake.  Along the south side of the street the 6′ wide side walk was installed now rather than later. To the north of the sidewalk will be a tree lawn shielding homes from MLK. Funding for the expansion should happen next year (2016) if everything goes according to plans. So you are probably looking at 2017 or later for anything to happen.  (keep in mind dates related to construction often move…nothing is set in stone)

5. Income Qualified Housing (“IQH”) along Moline Street (which is what MLK turns into right now) could be built anytime within the next 8 years.  My guess is this will probably not happen until the MLK extension is complete.
6. Bluff Lake Nature Center is across the street!  If you haven’t been there yet you should check it out.  It’s a great place to jog or take your kids for a hike.  Once you are down in the nature center you can’t even see the surrounding city, you feel like you’re out in the country! (Check out the Bluff Lake website for events & summer camps for kids)

7.  Isabella Bird Community School is in the heart of Bluff Lake.  Although the school is new, from everything I hear it’s off to a great start.

8.  Forest City will soon start to develop homes & a 25 acre park on the vacant stretch of ground along 26th Ave that separates the homes in Stapleton from the homes in NW Aurora.  I look forward to that vacant land being developed so the two communities feel more connected and the area feels more “finished”.  The 25 acre park will have sod areas for playing ball, natural grass areas similar to Westerly Creek green space and several baseball and soccer fields.

9.  The Fitzsimmons Medical Campus is 3 minutes from Bluff Lake.  Nice commute for any of the 50,000 employees that will soon be working on this campus.  On call doctors love the lack of commute, freeing them up to spend more time with family and other activities rather than in the car.

10.  There are several pocket parks in the area including Bouquet Park, the new park at 26th/Fulton, the Izzy B playground and the F-15 pool nearby!

As you can see, there are tons of positive developments happening in the  Bluff Lake area of Stapleton.

If you are looking at homes in Stapleton I think this will be an area to keep an eye on.

That’s it for happenings in Bluff Lake at the moment, what did I miss?

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  1. Joe,

    The MLK extension to Peoria now has a more definite timeline, per this post from Stapleton United Neighbors:


    “Funding for the completion of Martin Luther King Jr Blvd to Fitzsimons Pkwy has been approved. This project was selected by DRCOG this year. The road will open to the public in 2018.”

    1. mm
      Joe Phillips

      Thanks Toshi!

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