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Welcome to the community FAQ. Here you will find answers to some general questions about the Central Park, Denver (formerly Stapleton) neighborhood and our community.

Still have questions? Contact Joe Phillips at joe@focus-realtors.com or (720) 299-1730.


What is it like living in Central Park?  Visit the History page to learn more about our community.

What types of activities and events does Central Park have for adults? Central Park has plenty of activities for grown ups. Check out the “Things to do FOR ADULTS” page!

Why are property taxes in Central Park high compared to the rest of Denver?  Property taxes in Central Park are quite a bit higher than the rest of Denver.  Here is a blog post explaining Central Park taxes.

What is “new urbanism”?  New Urbanism is an urban design movement that promotes walkable mixed use neighborhoods rather than conventional suburban development (urban sprawl).  Central Park is considered a “new urbanism” neighborhood and in many ways it is true to the movement.  There are many aspects that de-emphasize the automobile and encourage social interaction of neighbors.  For example, it has garages in back of most homes, most homes have front porches, it has accessible schools and parks throughout, it has distinguishable town centers (more to come) and it has varied types of housing.  Although it has many of the tenets of new urbanism I think it falls short in terms of walkability to commercial areas.  Many parts of the neighborhood are almost exclusively residential which means homeowners still need to get into the car to get items they need such as groceries, restaurants, shops, etc.  There is room for improvement in this area but overall I think it is a good example of new urbanism and I think it has a lot of advantages over typical suburban development for both the environment and its inhabitants.  Learn more about new urbanism.

How many home builders are there in Central Park?  There are 9 active Central Park home builders.  They are building homes from the mid $100k’s (income qualified housing) to the $900k’s so there is a wide range to choose from.  I’d say in general the heart of the Central Park housing market is the $400k – $500k price range.  For a list of all the builders and what they have to offer in Central Park click here.


What kind of activities does Central Park have for kids? Check out the “Things to do FOR KIDS” page!


What are the schools like in Central Park? Read more about our award-winning Central Park Schools and check out these Scoop articles for more information: Stapleton History, Elementary School Enrollment Process, and Get to Know Amy Gile.

What private schools are accessible from Central Park?  Can’t find the right school for your kids right in the neighborhood?  This post explains how there may be some private schools outside of Central Park that have transportation in place to keep your commute down.  The Scoop on Denver Private Schools & Options You didn’t Know You Had.



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