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June 17, 2015

“Wherever You Are, Be All There”

Being present in the moment sounds simple, it shouldn’t be that hard, right?   The problem is we live in an over-stimulated, over-booked iPhone world full of distractions!  And if that isn’t enough it’s also easy for our minds to slip into thinking about the past or anticipating what’s coming next.

Like most things, it’s easier for me to spot this lack of presence in other people than in myself.  (which is completely delusional cause I’m just as guilty!)  I see it in my two older daughters who are starting summer right now and before we get done with one fun activity they are asking “What are we going to do next?”  They aren’t enjoying the moment, their mind is in the future.  It’s not their fault, we’re conditioned to think that way, especially if we as parents are in the habit of filling their every moment with something.

I see it in my wife and I see it in myself…we’ve had countless half-present conversations because one or both of us are looking at our phones!  I like to think we aren’t on the phone too much but the fact that our one year old daughter walks around with the tv remote acting like she is on the phone is probably a pretty good indication I’m wrong!

Stapleton is a wonderful place to live but as a group we seem like a bunch of people prone to over-active lifestyles.  Most of what we do is good stuff…kid sports, work, exercise, kids playdates, projects around the house, cleaning/organizing the house, vacation, kid’s birthday parties, etc.  Even though those are all good things it may just be too much.  When you add it all up we end up so busy we’re not able to truly slow down and be present.

From talking to other Stapleton parents I can tell I am not the only one with this lack of presence problem.  I know I want to change.   What a waste of time to be running around all day distracted, never truly present anywhere?  As I work on things, read things and try things as I work towards being more present I’ll be sure to share them…starting today.

I found an article this morning called “The Gift of Presence” which I really enjoyed and I think you will as well.  If you have a moment to slow down, read this and reflect on it I think it will improve your day.  Read “The Gift of Presence” Blog Post.

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  1. Thanks for the link, Joe! This is a great post.

    1. mm
      Joe Phillips

      Thank you for the great content I could share!

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