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August 7, 2018

What is Boulder Creek Builders Building in Stapleton Now?

Boulder Creek Builders fills several unique niches in the Stapleton real estate market.  They’re well known for their low maintenance ranch style homes and more recently they’re known for their “wee cottages”, which are single family homes with a smaller footprint and a great price range (high $300k’s – low $400k’s all in!).  This post will get you up to speed on what they have to offer in both series in Stapleton at the moment.

“Wee Cottages”:  (High $300k’s – Low $400k’s, currently sold out)

Boulder Creek Builders came out with their long awaited Wee Cottages in early 2018 and they sold out pretty much as soon as they were released.  It had been a long time since you could buy a new build single family home in Stapleton in the $300k’s so they were a hit.  They had so much success that they ran out of them and they don’t have any planned for the first areas of “North End”, Stapleton’s newest neighborhood.  We think they will have around 30 more of these in future North End releases so stay tuned, but it’s going to be a while until those become available.  (my guess would be we wouldn’t see any of these released until late 2019 at the earliest but I’m just guessing here)  Since they’re out of these homes I wont’ focus on them here but if you wanted more details you could check out this previous Wee Cottages post written by Mariel Ross from Focus Real Estate.

 “Possibilities” Collection: (High $400k’s – Low $600k’s, selling in Beeler Park and Bluff Lake)

Boulder Creek “Possibilities” kitchen

Good news, unlike the Wee Cottages series, Boulder Creek Builders does have some availability in their ranch style home series called “Possibilities”.

In this series Boulder Creek Builders builds beautiful, one-story patio homes with high quality exteriors.  They have 2-4 bedrooms and finished basements available for those that want to add a little extra space.  There are 4 floor plans in the series and they range in finished sf from roughly 1,370 all the way up to 2,840, if you choose to buy the optional finished basement option.  The plans all have 2 bedrooms on the main level, including the master bedroom.  The finished basements can add 2 more bedrooms so each plan can be up to 4 bedrooms if that’s what the buyer wants.

There is a model home that is open and available for tours in Beeler Park.  The model is located at 5876 Alton Street Denver, CO 80238.  You can also see renderings, floor plans and virtual tours here.

The Possibilities homes in this area will also likely be all in from the mid 500k’s- mid $600k’s.

So what’s available in this series?  There are 3 available now and in the next few months they’ll release 6 more lots in Beeler Park.  Here are all the details on these Beeler Park homes. So, that brings the total homes remaining with Boulder Creek Builders in Beeler Park to 10.  We also expect 12 more homes to be available in this series in the Bluff Lake area of Stapleton within the next few months so keep an eye out for more info on those lots as it’s released.

Boulder Creek Builders won’t have any homes released in the first filing of North End, the new area, so if you’re interested in a ranch style home in this price range the ones in Beeler Park will be be your best bet.

That’s the update on Boulder Creek Builders for now.  If we can help you find out more about Boulder Creek Builders, or any of the 9 Stapleton builders for that matter, we’re here and happy to help.  Every one of us at Focus Real Estate built our own personal homes in Stapleton and we love helping clients do the same.  My contact info is below!

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