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January 28, 2022

TWST Fitness – Putting Community FIRST

Be honest, who gained a few lbs. since early 2020?

The way we live our day to day lives has permanently changed over the last 2 years. One change I remember vividly is working out in my living room on the TV with my favorite fitness studio streaming their classes live. Gyms and fitness studios had to adapt to survive, right? So they streamed their classes and offered us all an outlet in the comfort of our own homes.

TWST Fitness originally started from that very concept and inspired one of our neighbors, owner Kerri Schoen to do online streaming fitness classes for her loyal clientele! Now, almost 2 years later she has opened her very own studio here in our neighborhood, TWST Fitness is focused on total wellbeing and centered around community. I’d venture to guess it’s one you’re going to love!

TWST Megaformer machines in the main studio.

We had the pleasure of meeting with Kerri Schoen and in her on words…

“TWST fitness began day one of the Pandemic.  The world was shutting down.  I took my clients to online to workouts, all without missing a day. Most of the clients didn’t have any home equipment, so I loaned out all the equipment I had access to for clients to do home workouts.  Many clients used paper plates as floor sliders, it was amazing how we all did the “Pivot” to keep consistency and community in the midst of quarantine.

After this profound life changing event, my husband Doctor Jonathan Schoen encouraged me to stretch my wings and open up my own studio.

After training in Denver and working for other owners for 20 years, this was always a dream.  I had the community behind me and most importantly my husband… So I leapt, with both feet.

The TWST Fitness doors opened on November 1st 2021 and all of my clients were there for me, I was in awe.” – Kerri

Check out my interview with TWST Fitness owner Kerri Schoen below.

TWST Fitness currently offers 3 modalities:

TWST Fitness yoga studio

Lagree Method: The Lagree Method has been around for 15 years and is a spinoff of Pilates, with a twist.  We use springs as resistance (like pilates) and work on hitting the “quick twitch muscles” in a 45 min not stop full body workout. The  Lagree Method is literally, HARD CORE and awesome.  Lagree is for our strength work, balance and alignment.

YOGA: To create lubrication in the joints and to explore harmonious movements that align breath spirit, mind and body.  This is for our headspace and mental well being.

Versaclimber: The only low-impact cardiovascular workout to utilize HITT and a spinal neutral experience.  Hey everyone 40+, listen to me when I say, you can GROW OLD on this and still rip it.  VersaClimber packs quite the punch in a 30 min routine, used by LaBron James and many professional athletes.  This is where the future of fitness is! VersaClimber is for us old athletes who still want to rip it, Cardio-Strong.

TWST Fitness


2525 Geneva Street, suite 1

Aurora, CO 80010


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  1. Melissa

    This place is downright dangerous! Do NOT go. We were using the aerial yoga harnesses and my friend’s harness broke and she fell to the ground! Thank God we weren’t doing anything upside down! Then, the owner used profanity at us and insulted us as we tried to leave the class early because we were freaked out after what happened. Very unprofessional and unsafe!

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