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April 19, 2024

This Week in Central Park Denver Real Estate 4.19.24

We have a few unrelated, yet equally timely and interesting topics for today’s update.  It’s kind of like a Scoop smorgasbord of information and celebration if you will.  

Chag Sameach, Happy Passover! 

Monday, April 22nd at sundown is the beginning of Passover, also known as Pesach. One of the most important Jewish holidays, Passover commemorates the liberation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt, as recounted in the biblical book of Exodus. The significance of Passover lies in its historical, cultural, and religious importance to the Jewish people. Passover is an eight-day celebration that ends on Tuesday, April 30th, also at sundown.  

Passover marks the freedom of the Israelites from bondage in Egypt under the leadership of Moses. According to the biblical narrative, after enduring generations of slavery, the Israelites were miraculously led out of Egypt, crossing the Red Sea to escape their oppressors.

Passover also signifies the covenant between God and the Jewish people. According to Jewish tradition, God promised to protect and guide the Israelites as they journeyed to the land of Canaan (the Promised Land).

Passover is a time for Jews to remember their history and identity as a people. Through rituals such as the Passover Seder (ritual meal), Jews retell the story of the Exodus, passing down traditions and values from generation to generation. This helps to strengthen Jewish identity and unity.

Passover symbolizes not only physical liberation but also spiritual freedom and redemption.  It serves as a reminder that oppression can be overcome and that hope and liberation are possible even in the darkest of times. 

Passover occurs in the Spring, symbolizing renewal and rebirth.  It is a time for spiritual reflection, personal growth, and the opportunity to break free from negative habits and attitudes. 

While Passover holds particular significance for the Jewish people, its themes of freedom, justice, and redemption resonate with people of all backgrounds. It serves as a universal reminder of the importance of standing up against oppression and injustice.  Overall, Passover is a deeply meaningful holiday that celebrates freedom, faith, and the enduring resilience of the Jewish people.  Through its rituals and traditions, it continues to be a cornerstone of Jewish identity and heritage. 

EARTH DAY is this Monday!

When I think of all the planets, Earth is my favorite… and not just because it is home.  Earth offers a rich tapestry of cultures, languages, and traditions. We live here with over 7.8 billion people spread across seven continents. Earth is a melting pot of diverse perspectives and experiences, making it a fascinating place to explore and a great place to learn about different ways of life. 

On April 22, 1970, the first Earth Day was celebrated! Millions of Americans mobilized and participated in rallies, teach-ins, and clean-up efforts aimed at raising awareness about environmental issues and advocating for policy changes. The event was a catalyst for the passage of landmark environmental legislation in the United States, including the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act.  

There are many ways (big and small) to celebrate Earth Day! You can plant a tree, organize a neighborhood clean-up event… you can even fix a leaky faucet. Anything you’re willing to do to protect our environment and conserve our resources is a great way to celebrate.  

Many people see Earth Day as a day of environmental action. It is actually about more than that.  It is about fostering a lasting commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability. It is about change and improvement, recognizing how we use and protect our resources.  Each small effort contributes to a healthier planet for future generations. 

 “Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving.” –Hank Rosso 

I was speaking with a small business owner the other day when a man came into her store soliciting the business for a donation of money to support his organization.  The business owner was apologetic and explained that she had already given what she could, so there was no money for an additional donation, at this time. After the man left the store, the owner continued to express disappointment; she felt bad.  I recalled a recent fundraising effort that turned out to be a great experience.  

Earlier in the school year at a PTA meeting, one of the moms suggested working with a local florist to sell small bouquets as Valentine’s Day presents. Students could purchase the bouquets for their friends, teachers, parents, and their favorite Valentines 🥰 At the time, we did not realize what a resounding success and fun idea this would turn out to be.  For this reason, I wanted to share it here on the Scoop. 

We reached out to Jenni, the owner of Snowflower, a local florist.  We shared our idea with her and she responded with enthusiasm and was eager to participate! After evaluating the time needed to create the bouquets and the cost of materials, Jenni created some examples of the bouquets and proposed a pricing structure that included a generous portion of each sale to be donated to the PTA. With Jenni, we worked through some of the details and logistics and we crafted what turned out to be a great plan!  

We began taking orders and as we approached Valentine’s Day, we updated Jenni on the total number of bouquets.  From there, Jenni got to work.  On the morning of Valentine’s Day, Jenni showed up to school with a bountiful assortment of beautiful and fragrant Valentine’s Day bouquets. The inside of her van looked like a Rose Parade float! The sale of the bouquets was a blooming success for the PTA and we made a new friend in Jenni.  

Our community is fortunate to have so many small businesses that do what they can to support our schools, teams, and other groups and organizations.  It seems as if participatory activities like the Valentine’s Day flowers or dine and donate events, seem to create greater results, rather than straight donations… and they are much more fun! I have been fortunate to enjoy some Sweet Cow  ice cream at Stanley Market Place on several occasions, all in the name of generosity!! LOL  Same with Mici, Mod Pizza, Smash Burger, Five Guys, and many, many more.  As many of you know Boychik recently opened and they are already giving back!  When done right, everyone wins; it’s fun to be part of that! 

If you’re a local business in Central Park and you are interested in hosting a fund-raising event, please reach out Jeff@Focus-Brokers.com and let’s get this going! We’re happy to help connect you with a variety of PTAs, organizations, and clubs. If you have your own connections already, let us help you advertise your events! There is no charge and we enjoy doing our part, in this way! Thank you again to all the businesses who support our neighborhood.  Again, there were many more than were listed in this article.  

Real Estate Stats and Information:

New Central Park Listings

Since last Friday 16 new listings came on the market ranging in price from $565,000 for a 3-bedroom townhome, to $1,750,000 for a beautiful 7-bedroom single-family home.

All Active Central Park Listings

There are 50 active listings in Central Park (both 80238 and 80010).

Under Contract Listings

54 listings are in pending status throughout Central Park.

Closed Transactions

11 transactions closed over the past week.  Of those 11 listings, 8 went under contract within a week of being listed!

18 Open houses have been scheduled throughout our neighborhoods.  For dates, times, pictures, and information:  CentralParkOpenHouse.com

If your home were listed in today’s market, are you curious about a potential list price?  Click Here to get an instant, estimated list price, based on current market conditions.  


Our Friday real estate updates are meant to be a “roundup” type post where we discuss all listings in Central Park, not just our own.  It’s our way of making sure we follow the market closely and we share it with the Scoop readers because we know many of you like to track real estate in the area as well.  Many of the listings in these posts are not our company’s listings and we wanted to mention that here to make sure it’s clear. Thanks for reading the Scoop!

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