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November 28, 2012

Bike Tour Of Stapleton’s Public Art!

What better way to check out Stapleton’s public art collection than via a self guided bike tour?  If you’re like me you’ve noticed Stapleton’s public art and you like it but you’ve never really stopped to check it out or learn the background of where it came from.  I think it’s easy to take for granted.  This morning I had a chance to meet Barbara Neal, who is the public art consultant who helped develop Stapleton’s public art master plan.  When Stapleton received a $275 million dollar bond to redevelop the old airport 1% of the budget was allocated to public art.  This makes Stapleton unique, what other community has a $2.75MM budget for art!  Once I thought about this fact I tried to think of other neighborhoods where I show homes to clients and I couldn’t think of another one that has so much public art.  Downtown has some cool pieces but I struggled to think of others that compare!

As the Stapleton neighborhoods north of I-70 are built  out, starting now with Conservatory Green, additional art will be purchased and installed using the remainder of the art budget from the original $2.75 million allocated to it.

To check out the history on each piece of art in Stapleton click here.  For a bike tour map so you can go take your own tour click here!

Stapleton’s public art is just another example of something that will set this neighborhood apart from others and help it maintain it’s uniqueness and real estate values!  It’s not just something to look at, it does a lot more.  For the many benefits of public art click here to check out an on-line article I found about the benefits.

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