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February 23, 2015

Stapleton United Neighbors (“SUN”) February Meeting Minutes

I had a chance to attend the “SUN” meeting in February and below are the meeting minutes.  It’s a long post because I’m just copying and pasting the minutes from the meeting.  To save you some time you may want to read these minutes if you are interested in the following topics:

SUN Board Elections

Innovative “Text a Tip” Program (Police program in Stapleton to reduce crime)

Stanley Aviation Project Update

Bluff Lake Summer Camp Info

Pool Opening & Programming Update

If you have questions one you read the meeting minutes below please let me know!

Joe Phillips | Synergy Real Estate Team | (720) 299-1730 | joe@synergyret.com


17Feb 2015 SUN Block Captain/Outreach meeting minutes

Meeting sponsored by Doppios Coffee. Doppios is a Stapleton-resident owned business, offering high quality organic coffee and coffee drinks at a quick and convenient drive thru located at Chester and Montview, and inside Eis Gelato at 2895 Fairfax St. www.doppios.com

SUN Board Elections

SUN Board Elections are coming up in May. Of the 15 seats on the SUN Board, eight are up for election this Spring. If you want to help Stapleton grow into a great neighborhood, with terrific amenities, town centers, and a strong sense of community, please join the SUN Board.

A nominating committee has been formed to identify members of the Stapleton community who are committed to leading efforts to organize neighbors according to SUN’s mission. Please consider sharing your voice and experience by becoming a candidate for the SUN Board of Directors. As Stapleton is always growing, SUN is committed to a diverse board and welcomes residents from all areas and parts of our neighborhood.

The application process entails submitting a 200-word statement of interest and bio to SUN (StapletonUnitedNeighbors@gmail.com) and attending the SUN Forum and Election in the Spring.

For more information about SUN, please check the SUN website at www.stapletonunitedneighbors.com or email us at stapleonunitedneighbors@gmail.com for any questions, comments, etc.


Lieutenant Bob Wyckoff, Denver Police District 5  Keep Yourself safe campaign: focusing on preventing crime

Starting in Stapleton, this program will likely roll out to other parts of the city, and other cities. DPD believes that a large portion of the community does not feel comfortable calling the police if something suspicious is observed.  DPD wants everyone to feel more comfortable sending in suspicious information. To make this easier, there is a new number where phones directly send non-emergent tips to the police dispatch regarding events specifically in the Stapleton area of District 5.

  • Text a Tip (720-723-8911) this program is part of a 90 day evaluation period.

o   OK to send photographs, but send text too.

o   Do not call the text a tip number, but rather use: 720-913-2000 the non-emergency number to talk to someone.

o   Apple has donated I-pads to DPD, this information will go specifically to a district 5 dispatcher.

o   You will get a follow-up text from the dispatcher (within around 90 seconds)

o   This will be received as a non-emergency call, please use 911 for emergencies.

o   In your text, include: 1) location (Address or intersection), 2) nature of the issue,

o   Typically, this will be a suspicious person, suspicious car, or a suspicious incident.

o   Eg: MLK and Syracuse, someone is casing cars.

o   Only use this number if you are in the Stapleton Community.

What is suspicious activity?

  • Slow moving vehicles, occupied vehicle, people looking inside locked cars, people checking gates to see if they are locked.

Patrol in Stapleton has officers hand-picked by Bob Wykoff. Horse Patrol is deployed so that the high height of the officers on horseback can see into back yards. Looking for open back doors, open sliding doors, suspicious activity.

Pro-active bike patrol and foot patrol on the weekend.


911 call questions

720-913-2000 (then hit “1”) to go directly to dispatch.

Over the past few months Denver Police District 5 and the 911 Communications Center have fielded several calls and emails containing questions regarding 911 services in the Stapleton area and more specifically city border areas such as the Eastbridge community. We would like to clarify for everyone some points that have been discussed.

  1. 911 is always the best number to call in an emergency even if you are on a cell phone. If a 911 call is routed by the cell phone carrier tower to the incorrect city, tell the 911 Operator your location, i.e. “I am on the corner of E. 28th Pl. and Kingston Street in Denver,” and they will transfer your emergency call to the correct emergency dispatch center. All 911 personnel, regardless of the jurisdiction, are trained to answer 911 calls with urgency.
  2. Wireless or cell phone calls are received in the 911 center either with caller ID that includes the telephone number and the address of the cell tower, also known as Wireless Phase 1 (WPH1) or with a block range that is known as Wireless Phase 2 (WPH2). Note while WPH2 gets close to the location it does not provide a specific address, or the floor/suite/apartment building of the caller’s location.
  3. If a landline is available, use that over your cell phone to call 911 because it will provide the address automatically to the 911 Operator.
  4. There will be no special direct number given to cell phone users to call in an emergency. The number 911 is associated with or mapped to a specific ten-digit number called the E.164 routing number. There are many risks associated with giving out the ten-digit routing number that prevent the release of the number to the community.
  5. The most severe of which is the risk of a TDoS (Telephony Denial of Service) attack, or flooding a telephone number with calls thus tying up all of the 911 trunks. TDoS is generally accompanied with some type of ransom or threat. TDoS is occurring with increasing frequency across the country.
  6. Sharing the ten-digit number with individuals for use with their cell phone means that all 911 calls made from that device would be routed to Denver regardless of where they are located, another town, county, or even state.
  7. If the wrong routing number were programmed, anyone calling 911 would route to that number regardless of whether it was a wireless or wireline call.
  8. Denver 911 and the city do not have control as to where the wireless carriers place their towers. Cell towers are strategically placed by the wireless carriers to support their networks and do not align with jurisdictional boundaries. Cell tower coverage is delineated by sectors, which can overlap one or more jurisdictions. The wireless carrier determines the routing of the sector. Wireless callers may experience routing deviations from time to time when they are near the border of a city or county borders when accessing wireless towers on one side or another of a jurisdictional boundary.
  9. If you are concerned that your 911 emergency call from your cell phone will be routed by the cell phone carrier tower to another city and want to call a direct number to Denver 911 then you can call 720-913-2000, press 1 and tell them you have an emergency. This number is referred to as the Denver Police Department Non-Emergency (DPDNE) number and the calls are answered by the same Operators answering the 911 lines. However, calls to the 911 number are given an automatic higher priority than those made to the DPDNE number.
  10. The Denver 911 Communications Center houses the 911 Operators, Police Dispatchers, Fire Dispatchers, and Denver Health Paramedic Dispatchers. The 911 Operators are responsible for answering all 911 calls and Denver Police Department’s non-emergency (DPDNE) number. The Denver 911 Center answered 875,862 calls in 2014, of which 526,342 were 911 and 349,520 were DPDNE. On average, the center receives 2,400 calls per day and over 80% of those calls are wireless calls.

Denver Police District 5 hopes this information clarifies the questions we have received and informs everyone as to how Denver 911 operates. The continued dialogue we have been receiving implies that there is a problem with our 911 system. This is inaccurate and appears to be creating a false sense of fear with residents in the community. The 911 Communication Center is a state of the art facility that strives to eliminate any delay in emergency services regardless of routing issues that may occur in city border areas.


During the meeting some announcements were read from the Stapleton MCA, please see below for full details.


Stanley Aviation (2501 North Dallas, Aurora CO), Mark Shaker

SUN is considering writing a letter of support for Stanley to be granted historical status. We’ve asked for an update on the development and timeline and Mark will be joining us to answer questions.

(update: The SUN board voted to approve a letter of support, and the letter has been sent to the Stanley Development team).

  • Bob Stanley traded a front loaded for 22.5 acres from the city of Aurora, manufactured ejection seats.
  • Bob, 2 of his sons, tragically died in a plane crash.
  • The Stanley family has a consultant involved in the redevelopment of the space.


  • The two “Stanley” signs, the old hangar doors, the story of the history in the space will be incorporated into the design.
  • The building its self has some 35 foot tall hangar space, this is where the sign will be rehung.
  • 140,000 sq feet (including the mez). No national chains are being included in this project.

o   10,700 Kindness Yoga and Endophin Fitness

o   7 restaurants (21,400 sq ft or more of restaurant space)

o   Kids Museum and hourly daycare

o   Self-care: Hair Salon, massage, wax, manicure/pedicure

o   Sporting.

  • Event space (behind the hangar doors) incorporates indoor/outdoor space. 10,000 sq ft event space.
  • Montessori school in the north west corner.
  • 18,000 sq ft office space.
  • Beer Garden: 5700 sq ft + 3000 outside
  • Interior design will be industrial with color brought in


Trails: Nexus of Westerly Creek trail, East/west greenway, near Sand Creek Confluence.

Road: Dayton will connect to Emporia Street before the end of 2016.

23rd ave will have frontage along Westerly Creek.

Concerns about gentrification: the redevelopers are regularly meeting with leaders in NW aurora to learn how to engage their immediate community. Taking down the fences between Aurora and Stapleton was the biggest concern early on, the fences have been removed.

Construction is underway! Projected opening: end of 2015.


How long will the historic process take?

Step 1: Aurora needs to grant “landmark status”, next would be a federal-level designation.  The process is expected to take 6-9 months.  The emotional range observed at the airport, and the need to honor the souls who departed the earth when this land was an airport will be incorporated into this thoughtful design.


Westerly Creek North Park Groundbreaking, Councilman Chris Herndon


Denver Parks and Recreation is celebrating the ground breaking of the Westerly Creek North Park project which will realign the Westerly Creek channel, restore banks and grasslands, and add trail connections to the surrounding neighborhood.

Monday Feb 23 10am: Stapleton Neighborhood, north-west corner of Eastbridge at 35th and Dayton St.




Bluff Lake Nature Center’s summer camp registration is open!


Choose from 6 week-long camps, half-day or full-day options.

Three new features: drop off at Izzy B, FREE pre-camp drop off (8-9am). Extended day care available. Camps are for ages 6-12. All camps include wild animal encounters through Nature’s Educators. Four camps will have off-site science excursions available.

Early registration through February (15% off) and multi-week/family discounts available.

Raptor Rehab center will visit each camp.

Visit our 2015 Summer Camp page at www.BluffLake.org for more information, or to download a camp flyer or contact Keith Wood, Education Director, at keith@blufflake.org for more information.

Enroll now for a great week of outdoor science learning!


MCA announcements: If you have any questions or comments about the information below, please contact ddeeter@stapletoncommunity.com or call the MCA office at 303.388.0724.


Stapleton Pools open May 23 at NOON!                                                           

Mark your calendars: Registration for swim teams and aquatic programming is quickly approaching!  Registration opens at noon on the following dates.  Residents can register via their online account or at the MCA office.  Non-Residents can fill out the registration form and email, fax or drop off their form in person.

Upcoming registration dates:

  • Stapleton Stingrays (Residents) – March 9
  • Aquatic Programs (Residents) – March 23
  • Non Resident registration for all programs begins May 4 at 12pm


2015 Pool Usage Rates Resident Membership Card rates and Daily Admission Fees will remain the same for the upcoming 2015 summer season. Residents are encouraged to renew their Resident Membership Cards online prior to their card’s expiration date to receive a $10 online renewal discount.  Expired cards will NOT be accepted for entry.

Entrance Fees (MondayFriday)

Resident discount (MondayFriday)                                        $5

Non Resident (MondayFriday)                                               $8


Entrance Fees (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

Resident/Non Resident                                                           $10

Children under one are FREE.

Guest fees are non-refundable and rain checks are not given on inclement weather days.


Resident Membership Cards

New Resident                                                                          $20

Online Renewal                                                                       $10 (+ service fee)


Guest Passes

5-Punch Guest Pass                                                                $25 (each visit equals $5)

10-Punch Guest Pass                                                              $50 (each visit equals $5)

20-Punch Guest Pass                                                              $100 (each visit equals $5)


Unlimited Guest Pass                                                              $80 (limit 4 per household)

Stapleton resident must be present with their guests. Punch passes expire at the end of each season.  Unlimited guest passes will be renewable beginning in 2016!


Have you Moved? If you have moved within Stapleton, in order to maintain your Active Net account (Resident Membership Cards), residents will need to bring proof of current address (lease AND utility bill or Warranty Deed) to the MCA office, 7350 E 29th Ave, Suite 300.  If you have moved within Stapleton and have not contacted the MCA, your resident card may be deactivated.


Saturday Night Live…for kids only! The next SNL is scheduled for Saturday, March 21.  It will be a night of entertainment for children ages 7-12 at the Central Park Rec Center from 6-9pm.  The event will include snacks, dinner, games, pool time, prizes and music.  Registration is open online at www.stapletoncommunity.com or by visiting the MCA office at 7350 E. 29th Avenue or registering at the Central Park Recreation Center.


Active Minds: Everyone is welcome.  For more information please visit www.ActiveMindsForLife.com.  This program is brought to you by the Stapleton Master Community AssociationLocation: Sam Gary Library, 2961 Roslyn St, Denver, CO 80238

  • “Tuskegee Airmen” Thursday, March 12, 2015, 6:45-7:45 pm The issue of race in the military extends from colonial times to the present day.  Join Active Minds as we explore a chapter of this story from World War II: the Tuskegee Airmen.  This group of African American pilots were the first black military aviators in the U.S. armed forces.  We will tell their story of struggle and triumph and bring this issue into a current context
  • “The Kurds” Thursday, March 26, 2015, 6:45-7:45 pm The Kurds are an ethnic group of approximately 30 million with origins in a part of the Middle East that has been surrounded by the historic powers of the region.  Today, the traditional lands of the Kurds are divided into parts of Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey.  As a minority in each of these countries, the Kurds have long sought their own sovereign nation or at least more autonomy, with mixed results.  As some of these nations have become increasingly unstable, many Kurds see an opportunity for greater control over their own destiny.  Join Active Minds as we explore this complicated dynamic and seek to understand the Kurdish people and their struggle.  .


Stapleton Egg Scramble: The MCA’s annual Egg Hunt will be held from 10-11:30am on The Green.  The hunt is referred to as a scramble because that describes what happens!  Over 12,000 plastic eggs will be laid out on The Green.  The scramble for these eggs will be divided into four different age groups.

0-2 year olds    10:15am

3-4 year olds    10:30am

5-6 year olds    10:45am

7 and older      11:00am

This is a free event open to the public.  Children are asked to limit their basket to 12 eggs so everyone can leave with several.  The Easter Bunny will join us at The Green so bring your camera!  We will also have a visit from several Disney princesses and characters so don’t miss it! March 28th


Summer Movie Suggestions: The MCA would like to hear from the community about what they would like to see this summer in our Summer Movies on The Green.  Please email your suggestions to ddeeter@stapletoncommunity.com by March 31st.


2015 Event & Aquatics Sponsorships: The MCA offers a variety of opportunity for sponsorship of the events and pools.  Event sponsorships include single event sponsorships as well as packages.  Prices vary for each sponsorship level.  All prices are located at www.stapletoncommunity.com.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact ddeeter@stapletoncommunity.com or call the MCA office at 303.388.0724.


Reading Partners: Stapleton Volunteers targeted for Ashley Elementary

75% of low-income 4th graders are not reading on grade level, this has an immense impact on community growth and wellbeing. Reading Partners is a literacy non-profit organization that empowers children to reach their full potential by pairing them with a community mentor. Our one-on-one tutoring helps our students hone their literacy and comprehension skills. By volunteering just one hour a week, you can make a huge impact in the life of one child. Our Reading Centers are open Monday through Thursday, and are a perfect place to give back to your community. With 13 Reading Centers located throughout the Denver-metro area, and variety of volunteer options and schedules Reading Partners is accessible for all. We are currently looking for Stapleton community members to volunteer at our Reading Center in Ashley Elementary. For more information on how you can get involved email VolunteerCO@readingpartners.org, call (720) 409-9909 or visit our website at www.readingpartners.org/colorado

Denver Blue Bench

Support the Blue Bench, Denver’s only comprehensive sexual assault prevention and care center! Join over 100 volunteers working in a variety of capacities: raise awareness in our community as an Outreach Volunteer or on our Volunteer Canvass, answer our 24-hr crisis hotline as a Hotline Advocate, respond to survivors in the hospital as a Hospital Advocate, aid in all aspects of event planning, help maintain the smooth functionality of our office, or any other ideas you have. No experience necessary and training is provided. Please contact Beth with questions or interest at bferet@thebluebench.org or 303-329-9922 x322


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