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March 9, 2015

“Punch Bowl Social” to Redevelop Stapleton Control Tower!

Forest City, the master developer of Stapleton, announced today that Punch Bowl Social (“PBS”) will be redeveloping the old air traffic control tower. They held a news conference on site and here is the Scoop including a video of the announcement & some renderings!

If you haven’t heard of Punch Bowl Social it’s a Denver based company that provides social entertainment (bowling, old school video games, ping pong, shuffleboard, etc) with an amazing food menu and drink selection. Check out the Punch Bowl Social website to get a sense of the vibe.

The control tower building will stay in place but it will be renovated in a mid-century modern fashion and 5,600 sf of space will be added to the base. It will total about 21,000 sf on three floors and will include the corporate headquarters for PBS. The total development will take up about 2 acres and will include parking and outdoor dining which they plan to orient towards the busier streets (MLK and Central Park) rather than the neighborhood to the West of the site. They hope to be early in Spring to mid 2016!

The developer and founder of Punch Bowl Social, Robert Thompson, hopes that they will become the “social gathering epicenter” of the area. (Check out video with him below!)  With a capacity of around 600 people and their rapid success and growth in Denver, Portland, Austin, & Detroit I think they will become our hang out hub. I live in Central Park West and really look forward to being able to walk over to hang out with friends, family and our kids for some old school games & great food.

I love that PBS is a local company and I think what they have to offer really fits Stapleton’s needs and the tenets of a new urbanist community. It provides us with increased walkability as well as increased social activity so we become a more tight knit community. There is already a buzz on my block about what our bowling team name will be!

Few more notes about the development:

It’s a private deal so there is no city funding or subsidies involved at this point.

It’s very early in the process so there will be time for community input and design review. Every large project, especially involving historic or iconic buildings, will iterate its plans as it goes based on community input.  All they have now is a conceptual rendering so don’t read into them too much or take them as set in stone. The developer seems very open to input and there will be a time and a place to chime in with our thoughts.

Welcome to the neighborhood Punch Bowl Social!

For more info check out the video below of the announcement & renderings on our Stapleton Scoop “Control Tower” pinterest board.

Please forward to others you know who may be interested and please take 3 seconds to sign up for the Stapleton Scoop to stay on top of happenings in the neighborhood!

See you on the ping pong table…


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