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June 14, 2024

Pearl Market & Wine: Your New Favorite Neighborhood Grocer and Community Gathering Spot

One of my favorite aspects of working with Central Park Scoop is the opportunity to engage with the new businesses sprouting up in the neighborhood. Witnessing the innovative plans and boundless creativity behind each new venture is not just inspiring, but often pleasantly surprising! Every establishment adds to the palpable vibe in Central Park.

Among these, Pearl Market and Wine stands out as truly exceptional. My earliest encounter with Pearl Market & Wine was when they released their first survey. Even in their early stages, they displayed a keen inclination towards community involvement, seeking input from anyone interested in shaping the essence of our new market. It quickly became apparent that this community-centric approach is at the core of Pearl Market & Wine’s ethos. Beyond their community-first approach is their dedication to understanding the origins of each and every product, emphasizing the importance of locality and quality.

As each of the talented specialists discusses Pearl Market & Wine, their contagious enthusiasm and evident excitement become apparent! Before delving into the details of what I’ve learned so far about Pearl Market and Wine, I wanted to share an intriguing story.

On our tour led by Dustin Chiappetta, the Founder of Pearl Market & Wine, I had the privilege of exploring the interior of the space. Dustin meticulously described each department, showcased the patio, and shared plans for a mural adorning the back of the building. One might think, a lot of people commission murals. But the intention was that he recognized that the back of the business was facing neighbors and wanted to ensure they had something interesting to see—an embodiment of the thoughtful details throughout the concept and community focus.

Upon entering the building, guests can turn right and enter Pearl Market, or turn left to enter Pearl Wine Company. Once inside, Pearl Market & Wine seamlessly combines both worlds, offering a convenient shopping experience alongside inspiration for food and wine pairings. While ambitious, their vision is to become the neighborhood staple we’ve been missing.

At Pearl Market, a vibrant display of fresh produce sourced from trusted vendors immediately catches the eye. A large butcher case, deli, and fish counter (flown in weekly), milk, eggs, and everything a neighbor might need to do their weekly grocery shopping. The team takes pride in their longstanding relationships with suppliers, ensuring top-notch products tailored to customers’ preferences, complete with expert advice and recipe suggestions.

At Pearl Wine, a team of beverage specialists will assist customers with selections that go beyond the norm. Emphasizing their commitment to exclusively featuring family-owned and operated wineries, their philosophy extends into beer and spirits, building on the success of their South Pearl location, which was awarded the best bottle shop in Denver. They even offer in-store weekly tastings.

A standout feature of the market is Carmella’s, a charming homage to traditional kitchens named after Dustin’s wife’s grandmother. Carmella’s offers a nostalgic culinary experience, with offerings ranging from coffee and pastries to lunch sandwiches and pizza for dinner, all enjoyed on their expansive patio. Additionally, they boast a selection of locally-made ice cream, including exclusive flavors from a small-batch company that recently won accolades at ConeCon 2024.

Behind the scenes, the dynamic and well-versed hospitality team, comprising Pearl Collective’s Founder Dustin Chiappetta, Pearl Collective Partner Jared Stoke, Joe Pettenger Pearl Market GM, Aaron Whitcomb Culinary Director, Jeff Osaka leads up product sourcing and menu development, Patrick Chiappetta and Mike Kraus of Ring on Hook Hospitality. Each member brings a wealth of experience to Pearl Market and Wine. Their passion for genuine hospitality and commitment to fostering meaningful community connections permeate every aspect of this locally-owned neighborhood business. Meet the team here!

Come late July, it’s evident that Pearl Market & Wine will transcend its role as a mere convenient spot to pick up some milk and eggs. It’s poised to become a hub for community gatherings and a haven for quality provisions spanning wines, beers, produce, meats, fish, and prepared meals. As a privately-owned enterprise, they chart their own course, bringing together a curated selection of products, services, and expertise to enrich the fabric of our neighborhood. Here’s to creating lasting memories and forging new connections at Pearl Market & Wine!

Pearl Market & Wine is located at The Shops at Beeler Park in the Central Park Denver community.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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