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June 28, 2013

Need To Store And Move Your Stuff? Try MyWay Mobile Storage

If you’re moving, remodeling, staging your home to sell or going through a life change you may need a company to help you store and/or move your stuff.  Rather than checking out an inconvenient self storage unit complex you may want to check out MyWay Mobile Storage.   I recently met with Stapleton resident and franchise owner Shane Stickel and got the scoop on his service.  Here is what I learned:

MyWay is a low cost provider of moving and storage.   They offer “safebox” containers (think pods but smaller) and you can either have these pods delivered straight to your end location (if you’re moving) or you can have them stored in a their local Denver facility near Stapleton for monthly fee.

One of the main advantages of using MyWay is the smaller pods come on a truck that has a forklift.  This forklift allows them to locate the pods anywhere you want on your property rather than just on the street like the larger pod companies have to do.  This can make filling them with your possessions much easier since it cuts down on your trip time from in the house all the way to the curb.  Another big plus of using them is the Safeboxes are smaller than pods, allowing you to fill each smaller box with possessions from one or two rooms…that way if you need to tap into one room’s possessions you don’t have to unload everything.  You can just access the stuff you want which comes in handy.

Because we  work with MyWay on a repeat basis he is able to provide  our clients with a code for a 10% discount off their already low prices.  Note the discount will be off the monthly rental fee and not the delivery fee portion of you order.  Please contact me or one of the owners below, let them know you heard about them from the Stapleton Scoop and they’ll provide you with the promo code which you’ll need when you place your order.

To check out the company or their services click here.  Shane Stickel, Market Owner, can be contacted at (303) 549-3421 or stickels@mywaystorage.com.  Operations Manager Zach Stickel can be reached at (303) 981-4779 or stickelz@mywaystorage.com.

Good luck!

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  1. I like the idea of having access to your stuff whenever I want. That would make moving a lot easier. Sometimes you need something while on the road and you can’t get to it.

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