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November 7, 2012

Need Help Picking A School? – Try "School Match"

I recently read about DPS’s new website called “School Match” devoted to helping parents find schools and choose between them in one of the recent Front Porch newspapers.  It caught my eye because we’re trying to figure out where we should send the kids.  They are only 4 and 2 but based on what we’ve learned so far in our school search it’s not at all too early to start looking.  There are so many options in and around Stapleton it seems hard to choose.  We’ve consistently heard from schools and parents that all of the options in Stapleton are good and we won’t be disappointed.  Anyway, for parents looking to find schools (in Stapleton or anywhere in DPS) that fit their wants/needs “School Match” seems to be a good option.  It lets you easily pull up a map of schools in your area and lets you filter through schools based on what’s important to you in a school.  For example, it lets you pull up schools near your home that are meeting certain performance standards.  I’ll be doing a bigger post about all the schools in Stapleton as we explore the options for our daughters.  To check out School Match click here.

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