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July 7, 2020

Lamont and Joe Talk Race Relations

You may have seen my recent Facebook Live interview with Joe Phillips of The Scoop (if not, you’ll find it below). Joe recently wrote a blog post where he shared his personal journey learning about racism and invited anyone well-versed in the topic of racial equality to contribute to the conversation. So, Joe and I met for coffee and started talking, and here we are. We decided to turn on the camera and have our chats on video. This will be an on-going FB Live video series to talk through racial issues in a public format. We’re looking for topics and questions people have around race so that we can discuss them in the videos. Please feel free to reach out to either Joe (joe@focus-realtors.com) or me (lamontbrowne@gmail.com) with your questions or ideas. You will remain 100% anonymous and we will address your questions in future videos. We’ll do a new video every few weeks or so, so stay tuned to The Scoop on Facebook.

3 Responses

  1. Lamont and Joe,

    Thank you both very much for this dialogue. This open, thoughtful, honest and courageous exchange will provide (me) and others so much insight leading to heightened sensitivity and awareness. We all need to engage in what might feel uncomfortable in order to grow, connect and understand.
    Kathy Holmes

  2. Michelle Kuelbs

    Lamont and Joe,
    Enjoyed hearing this interesting conversation and look forward to more in the coming weeks and months. “Exercising this muscle” is a good analogy. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Peg Slusarski

    Excellent discussion on race. I look forward to the next video. We must respect and help one another!

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