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February 3, 2021

Is It Time to Sell Your Home? Spring Selling or Spring Cleaning…

We have put together 6 easy updates to get your home ready for the open market!

I bet at this point you’ve heard about our “HOT” Denver real estate market. I keep hearing we’re the most expensive real estate not on the coast.  On average single family homes in the Denver area appreciated 14%* in 2020! Market projections suggest that growth will continue into 2021, simply put, it’s a great time to be a seller. But, we’re not all Joanna Gaines and sometimes it may seem daunting to prepare your home to sell. I have come up with some easy DIY items to tackle this month that will help you sell your home for TOP dollar or just get your spring cleaning kicked into high gear!

*Source: DMAR 2020 Annual Report  


  • Declutter – To declutter a home is a smart, easy way to get a home ready for sale and a great way to begin your annual spring cleaning. Go through your closets! A good rule of thumb is to purge any items you haven’t worn in 1 year or any items you haven’t used in the past year. Sell or donate the old toys your children have outgrown or are not using anymore. Try to minimalize your life and keep only the items you really use. How many fruit baskets do you have for your countertop? And how many water bottles or Tupperware do you have missing the lid right now – throw it all away!
  • Depersonalize – This is a given when selling a home. As buyers come through your home they should be able to visualize themselves living there…not your Christmas party last year or your family portraits at Red Rocks. You should also consider removing any items with personal information such as a birth announcement hanging in your baby’s room.
  • Disassociate – This is a technique you only need if you are in fact selling your home as opposed to just spring cleaning but once you make the decision to list your home for sale start looking at your home as a “house” – it’s the walls around you, your shelter, a necessity and your “home” itself is your belongings and memories that will accompany you into a new loving house that will become your new “home”.


Paint is amazing and you can utilize it many different ways from painting the exterior of your home, the interior of your home or just painting your front door. Paint is the cheapest improvement you can make to your home. You can typically get $1.50 back from every $1.00 you spend. A fresh coat of neutral paint can do wonders for a home’s appeal. Light greys have been trending for a while now and some of my personal favorites have been Benjamin Moore’s classic grey and collingwood grey. 

  • Touch up baseboards – buyers always notice baseboards, either dirty or clean and they really do help buyers decide if they want to offer top dollar for your home or come in below list price – paint your baseboards! You can do this yourself in a few hours and chances are you have a can of your trim color down in your basement.
  • Paint the front door – This is a fun easy update if your home seems to be a bit lackluster – see my feature image. Fun door colors are very in style right now as well. Turquoise, red, bright orange, lime green or chartreuse are all fun front door color choices!
  • Consider painting the whole home or one level – if you want to spend the money, you can consider painting the whole home or just one level. A 2,500 square foot home costs about $3,000 to $4,000 to paint in our market depending on the detail level. If that is not in your budget, grab a 5 gallon bucket of paint and a paintbrush or better yet a roller and do it yourself each night.
  • Paint the kitchen cabinets. – This idea has been gaining a lot of steam lately and there are many companies specializing in this concept. Some homes in Central Park are 10-20 years old now and if you still have oak, cherry or maple colored cabinets a great way to lighten your home up and generate a lot of appeal is to paint the cabinets white or a light neutral color. The price to paint kitchen cabinets is similar to painting the walls. They remove the cabinet faces, then spray the frames of your cabinets as well as the faces and then put the faces back on. Voila, a brand new bright kitchen!


An easy update that won’t take long is to change out lighting fixtures – especially if you still have the old builder “boob” lights. If that’s not in your budget you can just change out all the existing light bulbs to LED efficient bulbs that match. How many of us have mismatched light bulbs in our bathroom vanity right now – guilty! Soft white lighting is preferable in a home to Bright white bulbs.


A given if your home is going on the market. Just be sure it is clean and neat before people come into your home and often times, with COVID buyers are asking sellers to get their homes professionally cleaned prior to closing. 


This will help with your homes curb appeal. If you didn’t do it last fall, clean out that planter box, rake any leaves, trim back bushes so they are neat, tidy and ready for their new spring growth. If your yard needs landscaping consider adding fresh sod, artificial turf (a big hit in our neighborhood with the notoriously small backyards) or some bushes. Perhaps a tree or two is needed to offer that small yard a bit more privacy – Junipers and arborvitaes are good choices for this. 


Who you work with matters and at Focus Real Estate we know how to help clients sell for the right price and manage the process for you so it’s less stressful. I am happy to sit down with you and create a FREE home valuation based on current market conditions and comparable properties. Give me a call, a text, an email… I’d love to help! lisa@focus-realtors.com or 303-564-3734.

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    Great article… but don’t forget to clean the windows. My company is ‘Guys With Squeegees’ and we live here in the neighborhood:


    Have a great weekend!


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