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August 28, 2018

How to Help Your Community Through Stapleton School Outreach Centers

Are you looking for a way to help in your community? The kids are back in school so it’s a great time to get involved in your school’s food outreach center! Natalie Tognetti, coordinator for the Bill Roberts pantry, is here to help provide information regarding what your school community may need. Please follow the links below if you would like to donate food or gift cards or if your family is in need.

Here are some of the schools in Stapleton area that have a community outreach center.

Bill Roberts: 720-424-2640

Natalie Tognetti – natalie.tognetti@gmail.com

Isabella Bird Community School: 720-423-9900

Beth Sanford – beth_sanford@dpsk12.org

McAuliffe International School: 720-424-1540

Kim Ezrine – kimezrine@yahoo.com

Northfield High School: 720-423-8000

Anne Marie Schroeder – annemarie_schroeder@dpsk12.org

Swigert/Denver Discovery School: 720-424-4800

Richard Fischer – richard_fischer@dpsk12.org

Westerly Creek: 720-424-3160


If you would like to find out more about starting an outreach center in your child’s school,
please contact either Natalie Tognetti at natalie.tognetti@gmail.com or Amy Atkinson at


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