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December 1, 2016

Beating the Bulge Through the Holiday Season

As we all know, the holiday season is arguably the most difficult time of the year to manage our midlines. We start with Halloween, and we consume as much sugar in one weekend as we do throughout the rest of the year. For those of us without  kids it’s difficult because of all the leftovers that were not handed over to the trick or treaters. But for those with kids, I can only imagine… Whether it’s sneaking from your kids treasure, to teaching them valuable life lessons, like “sharing”…

Then comes Thanksgiving! Is there a better holiday for eating? My personal weakness is pumpkin pie, and it has to be loaded with whipped topping. As I am writing this blog my belly is full and my brain power is lacking. But it has been a good day and I am thankful! I have consumed as many calories as a professional sumo wrestler trying to make weight!

Getting back to the reason for this blog, which is to address the time between Thanksgiving and New Years… It is so difficult to be accountable during this period. But wouldn’t it be nice to be a part of a group that is focused on not only staying on track, but making some personal gains (or losses) between these two holidays? It’s really tough to be the Lone Ranger during this season when it comes to proper diet, especially when it seems like everyone else is overindulging. But when the new year comes along, and you’ve lost 2 inches on your waist, or your butt looks like it’s lifted an inch, you’ll be happy you didn’t join in! I promise!

I am proposing to my clients that we all enter into a fitness challenge together during this time. There is some personal incentive here as I got married 3 weeks ago, and my diet has been in the honeymoon zone ever since! Proper diet is not easy for me just because I’m a personal trainer. I have just as many weaknesses and excuses as the next person, probably more. So I would like to be a part of this group myself as I can use the accountability as much as anyone else!

So here is my proposal… The start date of this fitness challenge will be the week of Monday, November 28, which happens to be the first week after Thanksgiving. This is to allow for some additional signups that are not currently clients of Stapleton Personalized Training. The challenge is to address whatever your individual goals are. For many it will be to lose weight or lean up, but for some it might even be to pack on some muscle, or both! Documentation will be up to each individual in whatever way they decide to document. For instance, some might take before and after pics, while others will take before and after measurements. I don’t like to require people to do things they are uncomfortable with, so all documentation will be on your own. We will turn our “documentation” in during the first week after New Years and then cast our votes on the winner. A couple keys to keep in mind are that people will not be allowed to vote for themselves, and the better the documentation, the better chance a person has at winning. For instance, a person with before and after pics will have a better chance than someone who simply reports they lost 2 inches on their waist. The winner will receive 2 free training sessions. I will leave it up to my clients to come up with my prize if I happen to win!

For any questions regarding this challenge, or to inquire about how I can help you achieve your goals through my private, personalized training, you can email me at moerman120@hotmail.com, or check out my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/StapletonPersonalizedTraining.

Here’s to the next five weeks and ending this year strong!

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