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July 9, 2021

Maximum Downsizing Tricks to Purging or Liquidating a Lifetime Worth of Stuff

It seems I have hit that point in life where friends and colleagues are having to clear out homes with or for loved ones more and more often. Perhaps a grandparent has passed away, or a parent is downsizing to a condo or moving into a senior living community, or in a few cases it […]

May 18, 2021

Is a Denver Infill Build Right for You?

The search begins, but is it a unicorn… I worked with some lovely buyers last year who had moved from the west coast and then rented downtown for about a year in one of the new, fancy high rise apartment buildings. They have always lived in very urban areas and always rented. But with kiddo […]

December 14, 2020

How I Came to Own 35 Acres of Off- Grid Land and Have Shed Dreams

Oh COVID19, you have really hit us hard, completely upended normalcy, and taken away or changed so many of the things we love and used to take for granted. But you have also presented us with new perspectives and made us consider life and the future in a different way. If it weren’t for this […]

January 23, 2020

Vacation Planning Hacks for When You Need to Get Out of the Bubble

My husband and I absolutely love to travel.  The sights, the history, the adventure, the food…just thinking about it sets off my wanderlust.  We promised ourselves that once baby came, while traveling might decrease it would not stop.  Planning a major vacation can be so daunting.  Especially when juggling budget, specific school and work break […]

About Stacy Grissom

Stacy Grissom is the rogue agent of Focus, living and working right in the heart of Cap Hill. She is a former special education middle school teacher and now mom of a pre-schooler (read as “has loads of patience”), is passionate about knitting and sewing, and loves helping people find an ideal home (be it right in the city or not) that will be the best fit for continuing the adventures of life.

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