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November 16, 2021

50 New Build Homes Available in North End NOW!

Did you know that there are 50 new build homes in the North End available to go under contract TODAY?  Yes.  You read that right.  50!

Below is a PDF showing all the homes currently available with price range, estimated completion date, size of home, and quick information to help guide you to your next home.

Every builder has something available right now.  Prices range from the mid $500ks all the way up to $1.8 with everything in between.

Many of these homes have been designated as a “quick move-in” or “spec” home which simply means the builder has already chosen the structural and design finishes.  The good news with building a spec home is you will know your final all-in price immediately.  The reason a lot of these builders are building spec homes is due to 1) the builder needed to get the home permitted in order to start the project and 2) it is a cost-savings for both the buyer and builder.

If you are hoping to put your own personal spin on design selections, there is still time for just a few of these homes.

If you see a home that you’d like to know what the design selections look like, how the home sits on the lot, general questions about the builders, build process, North End, or anything about the real estate market, shoot me an e-mail and I’d love to chat about your options and help you decide which home is right for your family.

Most of the builders in the North End will only have a few homes to release after the first of the year so the time is now if you are interested in locking in your purchase price before prices rise (it’s inevitable).

And, shameless plug for your favorite real estate professional, did you know when you build a home and have a broker, you pay the same amount no matter what?  So why not have a professional advocating on your behalf FOR FREE?  Check out THIS video that explains just a few of the ways we here at Focus Real Estate will help you through the new build process.

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