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January 29, 2024

5 Tips for Hosting a Successful Superbowl Party

With the biggest game of the year just around the corner, it’s time to start prepping for the ultimate party that will have your friends talking long after the final whistle blows. Whether you’re a seasoned host or a rookie looking to impress, Nicolas Farrel, owner of Mondo Market at Stanley Marketplace, has compiled a playbook of tips and tricks to ensure your Super Bowl gathering is nothing short of a touchdown.

Five Tips for Hosting a Successful Super Bowl Party

  • When it comes to hosting a gathering like the big game, go all out with hearty portions and a variety of snacks for the group. Keep it simple with a sandwich tray, a pasta bowl, or an eye-catching charcuterie board. And hey, no one’s expecting you to play chef. Lean on local businesses like ours to handle the heavy lifting so you can kick back without stressing over what’s cooking in the kitchen.
  • Consider special dietary needs without breaking a sweat. If you’ve got gluten allergies in the mix, turn to the classic duo of cheese and meats, and toss in some veggie-based options like a nutritious kale salad, potato salad or calabrese olives for optimal snacking. The key is to offer options that cater to everyone, creating a vibe that’s inclusive and all about having a good time. 
  • Start planning well in advance of the big day. Create a checklist of tasks that can be done ahead of time, such as cleaning, decorating, and shopping for non-perishable items. Additionally, preparing as much food as possible ahead of time allows you to enjoy the game with your guests instead of being stuck in the kitchen. Consider making dips, sauces, and snacks that can be stored or frozen until the game.
  • With around 103 million folks watching the big game and an average party size of 15, remember: less is more. Keep it simple but delicious. At Mondo Market, we swear by the classics – pasta, salad, sandwiches, and cheese. Opt for a smaller menu packed with delicious, healthy, and unforgettable options.
  • For me, it’s all about the trifecta: munching, mingling, and memorable ads. Set up a spread that’s perfect for passive eating during the game so everyone can graze at their own pace. 

As you gear up for the most anticipated game day of the year, let Nic’s expert playbook guide you to hosting a Super Bowl party that will be low-stress for you and memorable for your guests. Stop by Mondo Market at Stanley Marketplace next time you’re in the area and say hi to Nic and his team, who can share additional tips and tricks to help you be the MVP of hosting. 

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