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July 6, 2015

6 New Amenities Stapleton Has To Look Forward to in 2016!

Stapleton residents have a lot of great developments coming to the area.  Here are the 6 most interesting things coming to Stapleton in 2016!

1.  Stanley Marketplace.

Ok technically this one is in NW Aurora but it’s going to serve Stapleton as well.  I listed this one first because I think it has the most potential for impact in the area.  For those of you who haven’t heard about it (where you been?!) it’s a 140,000 sf abandoned building on 22 acres that is being turned into a vibrant community oriented market place.  It draws inspiration from places like Chelsea Market, the Ferry Building, Pike Place Market, etc.

Stanley will house 6-7 restaurants, a beer garden, an event center, wine shop, barber, florist, coffee shop, cupcake shop, yoga, massage & so much more!  They have 46 tenants lined up and construction is getting started.

To me Stanley will be the cool, funky place you want to take your friends and family to show them something unique in your own backyard.  It’s going to be the mom and pop hub for our area.  (no chains!)  Oh yeah, and when you head down to enjoy a night at Stanley they will have a place you can drop your kids!

To learn more about Stanley follow them on Facebook and if you want to see a “before” video tour I shot check out this previous blog post.

2.  Eastbridge Town Center

Some residents have been waiting a long time to see this new town center come to fruition.  Others have not been happy that the plans involve another King Soopers, which I understand.  But, setting those things aside, I am very excited to see this project starting soon and I love that they seem to be bringing in cool locally owned restaurants rather than large chains.

Local chef and restaurant owner Troy Guard, a Stapleton resident, will be opening a “Los Chingones” Mexican restaurant as well as a breakfast/brunch option in the town center.  I can go for some awesome tacos on the rooftop deck!  Check out the menu from their downtown location!  (mouth watering…)

More tenants will be announced in the near future.  I think going with local owners rather than chains is what the community wants, as demonstrated by how great Four Friends Kitchen has been doing.  Here is a recent Front Porch article with more info on the town center.

3.  Central Park Light Rail Station

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the light rail station is under construction just north of the intersection Uinta and 35th Ave in Central Park West.  In mid 2016 you should be able to hop on the light rail to get downtown to work or just to enjoy a night out.  Or maybe you’re headed out of town and need to get to the airport?  Either way you’ll be able to jump on the light rail at the Central Park Station and you’ll be there in 12-15 minutes!  What a great amenity!  I’m also excited to see how the land around the station is developed, I’m hoping it brings more walkable retail that we in the area can enjoy.

Wanna learn more?  Here is a cool flyover video that will show you the whole East Line from Union Station to DIA (right through Stapleton!)

4.  Punch Bowl Social

Our old eye sore air traffic control tower is about to get a facelift and a whole new life.  Punch Bowl Social, a large social venue that provides entertainment options (bowling, shuffle board, arcade games, ping pong, etc), great food and an awesome bar will be opening in the tower in 2016.  PBS, which is locally owned, is underway on their plans which include giving the tower a mid century modern facelift and expanding the footprint of the building to accommodate the large venue.

I think PBS will do great in the neighborhood.   It will be a balancing act, how to make a place where adults want to go and hang out while still making it a very kid friendly place.   With planned capacity for 600 and experience with previous PBS ventures in multiple cities, I think they will get it right and it we’ll be something we’ll enjoy for years to come.  Our kids are small now but before we blink they’ll be older and need a place where they can go play with their friends.  I think this will be one of their go to options since it’s right around the corner from our house.

Here is the existing PBS website where you can learn more about what they offer.  Here is a post from the Punch Bowl Social announcement in Stapleton.

5.  Chick-Fil-A

Normally I wouldn’t put a fast food option as something to be that excited about but I just love Chick-Fil-A!  I love the chicken and waffle fries but I also can’t help but be impressed by their amazing customer service.  It’s always clean, the staff is always so friendly and the food is consistently good.  The Chick Filet will be opening on Quebec St near the Sonic.  Construction should be underway soon and the new owners are very excited to bring this food option to the Stapleton community!

6.  The Shops at Conservatory Green

Conservatory Green and Willow Park East, the two newest Stapleton neighborhoods, are about to get a boost of new restaurants and retails shops!  The new shops will be located along Northfield Blvd, essentially between Northfield and the residential neighborhoods.  These will be great shops for the new Stapleton residents to walk to without having to cross Northfield Blvd.  New tenants include Brixx Wood Fired Pizza, Jersey Mike’s subs, Tokyo Joe’s (mmm…), a dentist and the Stapleton MCA offices.   More tenants to be announced soon.  Here’s a recent article from the Front Porch with more info.

Well there you have it, 6 great things coming to our Stapleton community in 2016!  Wanna stay in the loop going forward, sign up for the Stapleton Scoop!

3 Responses

  1. James

    Curious why are people not happy the plans at Eastbridge Town Center include another King Soopers? I am interested in a house around there and like the idea of a grocery store within walking distance.

    1. James

      I found the answer – I guess people preferred a smaller store and are concerned about the pavement and spill over parking into the neighborhood. http://www.denverpost.com/denver/ci_25823380/stapleton-residents-clash-developer-over-eastbridge-town-center

  2. John hand

    I welcome a new king Soopers but, i ideally would like to see a small concept store like sprouts or trader joes as well. Yet, appreciate the ling run comment KS made….bigger isnt always better…

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